1 Million in a Week! Epidemic of Fraud Is Viral

1 Million Views In 1 Week!

New documentary proves truth is more infectious than COVID

Incredible news! After our mailing list service suspended our service last week, we decided to release our documentary Epidemic of Fraud on every media platform. The results? 1 Million views on the original X post alone in a week and over 1.5 million views across other posts.

And the numbers keep going up!

If you haven’t seen the film yet, here are direct links to every platform you can see Epidemic of Fraud on right now. Free. No subscription required.

How can you help

Many have asked how they can help. Dubbing to foreign languages can be costly but we feel it’s crucial to continue spreading this important message. Here are some options for potential donors:


If you’d like to support in a larger way directly or would sponsor a foreign language dub, please contact us at BrokenTruthSeries@Protonmail.com

Thank you!

Many thanks to all of the doctors, nurses, and citizens who have contributed financially to this work as well as supported us in every way possible. Your support humbles me.

Thank you.


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