X Reinstates Paleocon Commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes

Last Updated on May 4, 2024

After several years of being banned from the so-called “free speech” platform, conservative commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes is now reinstated on X.

Musk said in a post on Thursday that Fuentes would be reinstated but would “be crushed by the comments and Community Notes.” It seems Musk wants to make an example of Fuentes. Still, it is very unlikely he will since the paleoconservative has garnered a massive America First audience, including his personal crowd referred to as the defamed “groypers.”

The conservative commentator was originally banned in July 2021 from Twitter. He was reinstated, then banned again on January 25, 2023. With Fuentes’s return on Friday, he rattled the boots of Zionists and the pro-Israel lobby — even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) made a statement about his return to X.

The thing to remember is that we currently have Republicans siding with the Anti-Defamation League to garner support for anti-free speech laws alleged to protect Jews. In reality, many of these laws, coordinated by Israeli dual-citizens and associated NGOs, suppress the speech of Christians. Not only is free speech an issue, but the ADL directly targets Whites and Christians. Most conservatives know and understand this, yet Republicans are working in conjunction with them.

Fuentes thanked Elon Musk for reinstating his account on X, saying he is “upholding your commitment to free speech.” He also notes the two primary characters involved in his defamation and deplatforming — the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The two NGOs encroach on free speech and push for deplatforming.

Fuentes’s commentary is typically viewed as dissident right. He identifies as Roman Catholic first, then a paleoconservative and a nationalist. Fuentes, like many paleocons, has been disgusted and critical of foreign lobbyists asserting influence over American politicians. He typically calls them out, which is a practice that is considered “unsuitable” in media. You cannot discuss the Israel Lobby, Israel negatively, or anything involving Jewish people.

Fuentes’ return has garnered him much support or perhaps curiosity. At 10 pm on Friday, he had 91.9k followers; now he has 229k. His account will continue to grow as people are generally curious about his ideology and commentary.

Again, as mentioned before, he discusses topics considered “off-limits” in mainstream media, but these conversations are a must-have. Even if you disagree with the man, it’s important to understand where the opposition is coming from. It is also safe to say that the movement that supports Fuentes — America First — is rapidly growing and slowly becoming mainstream, according to The Hill.

With Fuentes now on X, America First seems inevitable. Predictably, the ADL and SPLC will continue to defame and attack Fuentes, but their words are meaningless to a public that has little to no respect for these NGOs, according to various outlets.

The real question is how fast America First has spread now that all its primary characters are in the public square. How will neoconservatives and Zionists respond, and will they attempt to get him banned or defamed like the aforementioned NGOs?

There are a lot of inquiries to be made, but the big win, regardless of whether you agree with Fuentes, is that Musk seems to be in control on his own for once. There are now Jewish elders and Ben Shapiro courting him to the Auschwitz concentration camp. No NGOs are fueling the feed, as Musk is simply ignoring them. This controversial move can be seen in several different lights.

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Is Musk bored of the Con Inc. crowd? Is he trying to avoid the fact that he actively promotes certain accounts? Is he trying to make an example of Fuentes? Or is he simply trying to restore free speech, as he claimed was his primary mission?

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Whatever the reason, Nick Fuentes now retains a voice in the public square and will have considerable influence on political discourse.

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