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Well wouldn’t you know it, I found a video that portrays EXACTLY HOW I FEEL THIS MORNING😲! Who gets shot at in an attempted assassination and still makes his 9 am tee time😳. ONLY A GOAT (Greatest of all time😉) DOES👊

Twitter feed video.

NEW: Legendary Don King comments on the attempted assassination of Trump.

“ America needs Donald Trump,

Trump can't be bought, bribe intimidated or course. It is freedom, peace or death.”

Twitter feed video.

We can’t protect our soldiers in Afghanistan. We can’t protect our kids from illegals. We can’t protect our streets from the criminals. We can’t protect a former President giving a speech. This is Biden’s America.

No more excuses from those peddling in lies - let’s put the BS to rest & just be honest that Trump & his supporters do not threaten democracy - they threaten the bureaucracy because they will no longer go along with a system that has enslaved us & wants to take away all our

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