A Review of Rick Bright’s Leaked Emails from Early 2020

Rick Bright Leaked Emails

Rick Bright was instrumental in ensuring hydroxychloroquine was denied to Americans in need. We found and reviewed his leaked emails.

In the spring of 2020 there was a flurry of confusion about hydroxychloroquine and the associated risks of taking one of the oldest, safest class of medications in human history. Rick Bright was the head of BARDA, an HHS agency known as the ‘venture capital’ wing of the HHS. Rick was directly responsible for crafting the Emergency Use Authorization, in tandem with the Janet Woodcock and others at the FDA, that limited the drugs availability in the period of time it would be most effective – before and immediately after exposure to COVID. When Rick Bright was dismissed from his role at BARDA for leaking emails to the press to embarrass HHS leadership he wanted to ‘rein in’, he attempted to claim whistleblower status and presented limited, cherry picked emails to a house subcommittee headed by Democrat congresswoman Anna Eshoo, who at the time was one of the largest recipients of pharma cash in the House of Representatives.

These are Rick Bright’s leaked emails.

Broken Truth has submitted FOIA requests for all emails between Rick Bright and Janet Woodcock at the FDA. We have been told it will take the FDA 24 months to release those communications.

We have reviewed the emails Rick Bright leaked to the news media when he attempted to ‘rein in’ his leadership from HHS in the middle of a pandemic. The results show a greedy agency more interested in dangerous, expensive drugs like Remdesivir over proven drugs like Hydroxychloroquine. For some strange reason Bright gave an incredible amount of weight to the opinions of a mask manufacturer over his own leadership at HHS.

Bright’s leaked emails reveal an agency that was ignorant to basic treatment regimens and was predominantly staffed by PhD.’s instead of medical doctors.

Rick Bright and Gary Disbrow weren’t going to help with COVID without funding.

If you called 911 and the firefighters told you they wanted new fire trucks before they would help put your fire out, especially after you gave them over a billion dollars a year to put fires out, how would you respond? As early at January 13, 2020 BARDA was already digging heels in about getting greased with taxpayer cash. BARDA had a 1.6 billion dollar budget in 2020.

BARDA knew about Chloroquine as a potential treatment option in Feb of 2020 and DID NOTHING

In this March 17 email from Bright to his staff at BARDA, he asked about chloroquine and BARDA came up with rejections of the drug almost immediately. Interestingly, they admitted knowing about the Nature In Vitro study from Feb 4, 2020 authored by the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the notorious ‘bat lady’ from Wuhan. It’s very curious that the WIV was even interested in looking at remdesivir in this study. The Chinese never recommended treatment with Remdesivir, but the Chinese DO recommend chloroquine.

Christopher Houchen’s response on behalf of the “Team” at BARDA? Desperate attempts to discredit HCQ and not accept the massive donation to the Strategic National Stockpile that could have ended the pandemic quickly.

Of note, BARDA’s desperate attempts to discredit HCQ even went so far as to claim G6PD deficiency was an issue. However, studies showed that at the doses needed to protect that G6PD was not an issue with HCQ. What’s worse though, is that G6PD IS an issue with Remdesivir, yet the WHO and FDA had no concern with that despite organ failure being a significant issue with Remdesivir.

Bright was on board the Remdesivir Train in Feb 2020

Despite the cell research / nature article showing affordable HCQ was more beneficial than the very deadly remdesivir, he was already trying to source Remdesivir on Feb 10, 2020. This is not the behavior of an official eager to find a ‘quick fix’ to a pandemic.

BARDA’s budget in 2020 Tripled thanks to COVID

Good thing Disbrow and Bright like money because they got it in spades in 2020. According to StatNews:

Lawmakers were so confident that BARDA could help scientists develop a coronavirus vaccine, therapy, or even a diagnostic test that Congress has showered the agency with a $3.5 billion boost in funding, more than tripling its total budget.

Stat News, April 6̶, 2020

In late 2019 Bright and Fauci discussed ‘blowing the system up’ and creating an air of excitement to change the game in flu vaccines. Is this what happened in 2020?

Rick Bright PhD left the government in 2020. On Nov 9, 2020, President-elect Joe Biden named Bright to be one of the 13 members of his coronavirus task force.

In March 2021 Bright was hired by the Rockefeller Foundation as Senior Vice President of Pandemic Prevention and Response. The foundation is part of the World Economic Forum.

Many thanks to Marion Meiners for contributing to this report.

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