X Removes Elon Musk Post Critical of NBC News for Violating X Rules

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

X removed an Elon Musk post that was critical of NBC’s reporting on the ongoing conflict in Haiti, where video evidence shows that Haitian warlords and their followers are engaging in cannibalism in the streets, feasting on the body parts of their enemies.

The censoring of the platform’s owner came after NBC News and the rest of the corporate press went into damage control mode about the ongoing events in Haiti, where the US-backed regime has collapsed and multiple factions are now fighting for control, including cannibalistic Haitian warlords and others who are regularly seen on video using American-supplied weapons.

Reports of Haitian cannibalism go back years, and video clips purporting to show Haitian cannibal gang members and warlords have been shared online as the country has continued its plunge into complete anarchy.

Elon Musk and conservative influencers have spread unverified claims to millions,” NBC News claimed in their post, which included a link to an NBC News article titled “Elon Musk smears Haitian migrants with ‘cannibal’ claims amid crisis”.

Musk, NBC News added in their post, is “smearing Haitian migrants as cannibals as they endure deep uncertainty about the future of their country and family members still there.”

Musk responded to NBC’s post, asking the publication “What do you call this?” and providing a link to one of several viral X posts that’s shown warlords and guerilla fighters eating their enemies, often right off of open pit fires in the middle of Haiti’s war-torn, third world streets.

After Musk’s response, however, the post was removed from the X platform. It was censored for violating “the X Rules.”

Elon Censored by X

Elon Repost Removed, Violated Rules

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In another notable of this story, NBC News noticeably referred to Haitians as “migrants.”

Now, many are questioning whether or not NBC let the next chapter of the story slip, as it’s already been reported that America, especially Florida, can expect illegal Haitian migrants to wash up on its shores in the coming weeks, as they try to flee from their failed state, that they’ve run into ground over the past two centuries, since they overthrew, slaughtered, and kicked out the White population.

Illegal Haitian migrants entering the United States by boat will add to the already-existing issue of massive numbers of Haitian illegals making their way into Mexico and then up to America’s southern border, where they’re then ferried into the country along with illegals from all over the world.

Notably, the illegal migrants in the infamous horse reign photo that the corporate media and Biden Administration both used to paint Border Patrol agents as plantation overseers whipping black people, were themselves Haitian.

Haitian illegal migration into the United States predates the ongoing war there by years, and NBC News and others are widely being accused of using the current conflict as an excuse to encourage the pounding of the US with even more third-worlders, even those who openly practice cannibalism.

This, as the United States Coast Guard is reportedly being ordered to allow illegal Haitians to walk right into the United States when they land in Florida.

More Context Below – Coast Guard Ordered to Let Haitians into America: 

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