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WHO Lies About Man Dying From H5N1 Bird Flu – Gets Called Out By Mexican Health Minster

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been caught in a lie! That’s no surprise to many as the WHO is best known as the “World Hoax Organization”. But, it was Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer that “whacked the ‘WHO’le”.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health head Jorge Alcocer on Wednesday denied reports that a citizen had died from a strain of the bird flu, which had marked the first time that a human had died from the H5N2 virus.

Alcocer said that the WHO statement was “quite bad,” according to La Verdad News, stating that the cause of death has not been confirmed. He noted that the patient suffered from type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and systemic arterial hypertension, all things that could have contributed to the 59-year-old man’s death.

Alcocer urged citizens not to panic, and said there was no reason to avoid consuming chicken or chicken products, as there was no evidence that the infection spread through food.

On Wednesday the World Health Organization said that the man died on April 24 after developing nausea, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and general discomfort. The WHO said that the victim had no history of exposure to poultry or other animals. The person reportedly had underlying medical conditions and had been bedridden for weeks prior to the onset of symptoms.

The WHO said that the case had been laboratory-confirmed, and the first case of its kind reported globally. [Emphasis Mine]

In a previous article covering this case, this writer wrote:

Moreover, the determination was made by, wait for it… RT-PCR. Other clues that would cause someone to question the RT-PCR diagnosis of H5N2 are no exposure to any animals, having multiple underlying medical conditions, and being bedridden for three weeks prior for other reasons. Three weeks is enough time to develop pneumonia.

Even if this individual had been exposed to animals, one cannot get a “virus” since the existence of viruses has not been proven. With the three chronic conditions from which this individual suffered, the symptoms and supposed “acute” onset would be expected if bedridden for three weeks. After this individual’s medical conditions have been released, the initial supposition of pneumonia may still stand; however, it is likely the individual developed metabolic acidosis. Another possibility would be Diabetic Ketoacidosis. These illnesses and/or pneumonia are more likely than H5N2 bird flu since people can die from all three either individually or together. Moreover, the individual having systemic arterial hypertension, which can be caused by kidney disease and diabetes, suggests his medical conditions may not have been well managed leading to cardiac and respiratory failure.

Unfortunately, news organizations were quick to support the WHO that blamed the infamous “bird flu”, diagnosed with RT-PCR. Buried in the article, the claim is made, “A highly pathogenic form of bird flu [H5N1] was detected in a goat in March, the first confirmed case in the United States involving a domestic ruminant animal (i.e. cattle, sheep and goats)”. Are people not handling goats because the “first case” was determined to be in an individual who was a dairy worker? This is all designed to keep people confused. To deviate from the obvious co-morbidities as the cause of this individual’s death, they pulled “bird flu” out of thin air with an RT-PCR “test”. A coin toss would be more accurate to determine diagnoses.

If you recall from this writer’s previous article, several “alternative media outlets” were quick to seize on the “death from bird flu” narrative using RT-PCR. One source indicated “house mice” were “testing positive for H5N1”. And, it was a study from the New England Journal of Medicine stating house mice can “contract” H5N1 from “drinking raw milk”.

Just as CONvid-1984 was a planned “test” scam-demic with relabeling of “influenza” as some type of CONvid-1984, everything hinged around the use of the RT-PCR. The same is happening now and many “experts” are supporting fraudulent “virus genome-sequencing” and “clade determinations” using RT-PCR. If you are confused about “genome sequencing, Sasha Latypova explains it well in an interview with Dr. Jane Ruby. This Dr. Jane Ruby Show also covers some problems with “sequencing” as well.

Kudos to Jorge Alcocer for calling “BS” on the WHO for trying to pull a fast one to initiate another scam-demic directly on the heels of the prima donna of scam-demics, CONvid-1984.

Yet, even though reporting that Mexican health officials denied the death of the individual from bird flu and acknowledging that the individual’s multiple health conditions could have caused the individual’s death, this was buried in a story indicating a two-year-old Australian girl “needed intensive care in hospital after contracting H5N1 bird flu in the spring, according to the World Health Organization.” The scam-demic planners and perpetrators are not going to let children off the hook this time.

This is the first confirmed human infection caused by avian influenza A (H5N1) virus detected and reported by Australia,” the WHO said in a statement, on Friday.

Although the source of exposure is unknown, it’s believed she caught the virus in India, where she had been travelling with her family. The girl was travelling in Kolkata for two weeks in February, but she had no know exposure to any sick people or animals in the city. [Emphasis Mine]

After returning to Australia on 1 March, she was admitted to hospital the next day. On 4 March she was transferred to intensive care, as her symptoms worsened. She remained in hospital for two-and-a-half weeks.
The girl tested positive for influenza at the hospital, and the samples were sent for further analysis.

Virus genetic sequence [here’s the infamous sequencing] obtained from the samples confirmed the subtype A(H5N1)… which circulates in Southeast Asia and has been detected in previous human infections and in poultry,” the WHO said. [Emphasis Mine]

The girl has recovered and no relatives or close contacts of the family have developed symptoms.

Authorities in India are investigating.

Is everyone doing the “shaking my head” and facepalm gestures yet? Just like in Mexico, the “source of exposure” is unknown, but, the girl “caught” the virus. Keep in mind, there is NO test that can determine “influenza” or any “strain of any influenza”. In fact, there is not one test that can “confirm” a “virus”.

And, the Associated Press reported back in February of 2024 that “The brother of a boy who died last week from bird flu has tested positive for the virus, Cambodia’s Health Ministry said Monday.”

The 9-year-old’s death in the northeastern province of Kratie was the first from bird flu in Cambodia this year after four were reported last year by the World Health Organization.

The WHO and the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization this month warned that Lunar New Year festivities celebrated in much of Asia posed an increased risk of spreading the virus.

In a statement, Cambodia’s Health Ministry said the 16-year-old brother tested positive for the virus on Sunday but exhibited no symptoms. The boy was undergoing medical treatment, and officials are investigating who had contact with the brothers and how and where they contracted the virus. [Emphasis Mine]

The Cambodian Health Ministry claimed the boy who died became ill with “fever, shortness of breath, coughing and fainting after eating a meal his parents had cooked from chicken and ducks they raised.”

Those are very non-specific symptoms, just as was seen in the individual in Mexico the WHO tried to attribute to dying from H5N2. And, he ATE chicken and ducks his family raised. Notice also that the claim of “bird flu” lacked specificity as we are seeing in more recent reports plus the brother who “tested positive” had no symptoms.

For those who haven’t gotten it yet, this is your picture. Don’t forget the attempt to scare individuals using “white lung syndrome”, which was an X-ray picture of pneumonia. And, wasn’t it initially reported at the beginning of the CONvid-1984 planned scam-demic about a “mysterious pneumonia” afflicting people in China – one of the worst nations on the earth for air pollution?

How many more lies from the WHO and other agencies are people going to believe before waking up to smell the manure? The manure is strong with these people. You have to ask yourself, “With all the high dollar monetary awards out there for proof of viruses, including CONvid-1984, why have not all these scientists claiming to have isolated viruses stepped up to claim the prize?” After all, they are always searching for funding regardless of the source. It would be the perfect opportunity to put us so-called “conspiracy theorists” in our place.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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