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What’s Causing Excess Deaths Worldwide?

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Speakers: Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Joseph Varon, Dr. Alberto Donzelli

FLCCC Senior Fellow Dr. Albert Donzelli, co-author of a recent study showing a decrease in life expectancy with increased COVID vaccination, shares his findings with Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Joseph Varon.

Whatever is happening with excess deaths, there’s no doubt it’s a worldwide phenomenon. The WHO has said the pandemic wiped out nearly a decade of progress improving global life expectancy. But are the millions of excess deaths caused by COVID alone?

There is no denying that excess death is occurring. FLCCC President Emeritus Dr. Pierre Kory has written about the topic at length, publishing multiple times in mainstream outlets. We’ve seen an epidemic of sudden death. Actuary data from insurance analysts confirms cancer deaths are up. To make matters worse, embalmers are discovering mysterious amyloid clots in their subjects—never seen before the 2021 rollout of the COVID injectables.

Now, the scientific community is slowly waking up. Studies are emerging from all corners of the globe trying to make sense of the excess death data. Today, we’ll look at the latest excess mortality statistics from 47 countries in the Western World. Join FLCCC President Dr. Joseph Varon and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Paul Marik as they review two incredible studies looking at excess mortality during the pandemic.

Will these studies bring us closer to understanding the deaths that occurred in the aftermath of COVID? Stick with us to find out!

BMJ Study: Excess Mortality Across The Western World

The Western World should have been the most well-equipped to stave off the worst effects of the COVID pandemic. The data presented in a recent British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows us how far from the truth that is.

In a recent study titled, “Excess mortality across countries in the Western World since the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Our World in Data’ estimates of January 2020 to December 2022”, the authors analyzed excess mortality, assessing the deviation between reported deaths and expected deaths.

In the 47 countries researched, over three million excess deaths were found to have occurred.

While the BMJ study does conclude “there is a problem with excess death”, they don’t point to any particular cause. As Dr. Marik points out in the webinar, we can at least safely conclude these deaths could not have been caused by COVID.

Take this data from the CDC for example:

CDC data

The CDC data shows deaths from COVID declined after April 2022. The mortality data from the BMJ study shows the number of excess deaths continued to climb toward the end of December 2022. Since COVID vaccination campaign was very much in full swing at this time, the most plausible cause of the excess deaths is the vaccine itself.

Dr. Marik sums up why this BMJ paper is so special:

“And why this is such an important paper… it’s one of the first papers published in the peer reviewed medical journal, so it’s publicly available that has actually admitted that there are excess deaths, and we actually have a problem with excess deaths. So up until now, this problem of excess deaths had been hidden… It’s one of the first papers that has actually been published, which costs a negative perspective on the vaccines.”

Italian Study: COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to an Increase in Deaths

Excess deaths have become a global phenomenon, with various studies investigating their causes. One such study from Italy, led by Dr. Alberto Donzelli, offers another challenge to the conventional narrative on COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Donzelli’s research highlights significant signals of excess deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccinations, providing a stark contrast to previous findings that suggested the unvaccinated were causing the estimated excess.

The study by Dr. Donzelli critiques another analysis that suggested vaccinated individuals experienced a 3% increase in all-cause mortality, while the unvaccinated saw a 22% increase. Dr. Donzelli’s work, however, reveals these figures are actually inverted.

Now, fair warning: there’s some heavy math involved with Dr. Donzelli’s statistical analysis. For those interested, he details his approach in the webinar embedded above, as well as in his webinar slides.

  • Mortality Rates: The study shows higher all-cause mortality among vaccinated individuals, especially those with one or two doses.
  • Bias Correction: By addressing biases like immortal-time bias and confounding by indication, the study reveals that vaccinated individuals may not fare better than unvaccinated ones.
  • Life Expectancy Impact: Vaccination appears to reduce life expectancy, with higher mortality rates among the vaccinated.

These findings show the necessity for accurate data analysis and transparency to understand the true impact of COVID-19 vaccinations on global excess deaths. Dr. Donzelli’s study calls for a re-evaluation of vaccination strategies and policies, highlighting the need for unbiased and thorough scientific inquiry.

Dr. Marik weighs in:

“What’s so astonishing is that when you correct for just one of the biases, the immortal harm bias, from the previous study to your study, the results changes significantly. And so I think the lesson is that one has to be very careful when one analyzes data based on complex statistics…. Dr. Donzelli showed how many different biases there are that can completely change the direction of the data.”

Bias Must Be Rooted Out of Science

Dr. Varon points out just how important it is to ferret out bias:

“We are people that are doing research on day-to-day basis. What happens to the regular doctor that just reads what he believes is the truth on these journals? And that’s why many of my colleagues believe that vaccines are safe and effective.”

Rather than complain, Dr. Varon reminds us that the FLCCC’s upcoming medical journal aims to solve the issue of bias once and for all. With better, unbiased science, a healthier future awaits us all!

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