‘We Designed mRNA To Kill’ – CIA Whistleblower?

“In a world without laws, where might alone makes right, all of us will ultimately be the losers.” —Jonathan Cook

And this by Scott Ritter:

In a war of attrition, grinding the enemy down is just the first part. Stretching what remains until it breaks is how you finish the job.”

Scott is, of course, referring to the US / NATO (Ukraine) war against Russia; the latter being close to finishing the job.

The same war-time allegation or strategy, is taking place now in our “civil” (not to confuse with civilized) world, where we, the People, are gradually extending our knowledge of crimes committed during the past hundred-plus years by a powerful clan of elites, coming to culmination in the past four years – is like stretching the enemy, the all-powerful elite, to the breaking point. This crucial moment is near – it is only a question of time, but irreversible.

Light is overcoming darkness.


Many of us knew it all along, that the mRNA vaxxes are made to kill, are part of the depopulation agenda, compliments of the World Economic Forum (WEF), especially Klaus Schwab, who prides himself having authored the Great Reset, concluding in “You will own nothing but be happy”.

The UN Agenda 2030, which is supported by the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres, a gutless character put in this position and prolonged in this position by the United Sates, sounds like the God-given salvation for humanity, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Until you look at them closer, and you will see the hidden message behind the SDGs. They are an announced death sentence for humanity.

As Cult rules dictate, their crimes need to be announced well in advance to materialize. So far so good. But no farther. That is it. The Light has started penetrating their darkness to their detriment.

Both these documents, the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030, are congruent – they were supposed to work in tandem. That is what “they” thought they had in store for us, but it will not happen.

These two “visionary” documents are actually linked by an illegal agreement of June 2019 between the WEF’s Schwab and the UN’s Guterres. Who would have thought, that the United Nations becomes an instrument of those who fund and support the WEF, i.e. BlackRock, et. al.

The FEAR on which the entire crime was built – the cornerstone for peoples’ submission – is crumbling or has already crumbled and is being smashed to bits and pieces like a house of cards – that looked in 2020 like a pyramid to the sky; today it is a shambles.

The unhumans – oligarchs and billionaires and wannabe controllers of the world’s wealth, working out of Darkness— have not made their calculus with the all-overcoming LIGHT.

The strength of our thoughts – of our positive thinking and willpower – may help stretch this Light across the globe, into every corner of life. This power is unsurmountable, once the fangs of fear have gone, and our minds are filled with thoughts of harmony and Peace.

Forbidden News has divulged the “news” of an unknown CIA whistleblower – no names given – who tells us how the CIA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the WEF, and the Rockefeller Foundation, have invented the mRNA killer-technology.

The COVID plandemic was a tool to convert the surviving humanity into a surveillance state – into a One World Order (OWO), following a One World Government (OWG), with digital, programmable money – so-called “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC), with mandatory vaccination, to eliminate a large proportion of useless people (Schwab’s Israeli adviser Yuval Noah Harari), to free up resources for the elite.

These deadly “vaxxes”, the Secret CIA agent says, were not developed in warp speed for a non-existent deadly virus, but were prepared at least ten years ahead of the plandemic to be used for depopulating the planet.

The “system” was well-thought out and prepared by long hand, with all the key players in cue to execute their role. It was to function like an octopus stretching its tentacles around the globe, and whenever one would be damaged, teared off by accident or by “mistake”, the remaining ones would continue their business of death and let the “broken” tentacle gradually grow back.

This is reminiscent of a frank Bill Gates statement in one of his by now famous stuttering interviews. This time, not stuttering, he said proudly something to the extent,

“Even if I’m gone, the system is so solid, it will continue on the same course that was prepared a long time ago”.

Of course, the system needs to fool the people, and fool them well – and for a long time – with the same-same messages, to fully indoctrinate the lies, an onslaught of plandemics, necessitating endless vaccination-mandates; transhumanism through chips-implants, full digitization of everything; all-destructive “climate change”, for which mankind’s excesses are responsible, like the needed destruction of agriculture as we know it, for food production, à la “eat bugs and insects or you may starve!” and ever newly appearing enemies – from which they, the kind elite, will save humanity by an OWO with an OWG.

The fooling is done by many means, including a fully bought, corrupt mainstream media, but primarily by a rather obscure UK-based company called Tavistock, whose front is a luxury real estate agency, but their real specialty is mind manipulation and social engineering – a science they developed to perfection since the early 1940s. Tavistock closely cooperates with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), an agency attached to the Pentagon.

Climate Change – alright. Man-made.

It is called geo-engineering. Chemtrails based on and working with thousands of patented chemical and heavy metal combinations, influencing the stratosphere, our weather and climate – plus the falling particles will poison our breathable atmosphere, water, soil, eventually plants and animals, our food and our bodies.

The second generation of geo-engineering uses DEW technologies. Directed Energy Weapons consist of high-powered electromagnetic waves, for example, those that destroyed Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii. DEW-type energy is also able to cause earthquakes, as they are capable of penetrating deep under the earth’s surface and break tectonic plates.

See this 16-min video clip for more details:

People of the world are waking up.

The wannabe-controlling elite may fall into panic, as awoken people may mean justice for the evil done to the very people over years – what many might call a Nuremberg 2.0.

We are not there yet.

But, yes, justice should be done.

Equally important though – we, Humanity, must move away from this rotten, materialistic, enslaving system. No justice can correct it.

We MUST begin afresh – with a new spirit and with connected positive thoughts of Light that span the world.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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