Video: Third-World Ohio Democrat Gives Victory Speech in Somali After Primary Win

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Ohio Democrat Ismail Mohamed gave his entire Democrat Primary victory speech in the Somali language after Mohamed, who is already an incumbent and the first Somali to serve in Ohio’s State Legislature, won the 3rd State House District Democrat Primary, knocking off a challenger who’s also a fellow Somali.

Video footage of Ismail Mohamed’s Somali language victory speech has gone viral online after his Tuesday night victory in a Democrat primary race in which both candidates were Somali migrants who centered their campaigns around Somali issues while vowing to represent not the 3rd District of Ohio, but the interests of Somalia.

The 3rd District is located in Franklin County, Ohio, and includes parts of the City of Columbus.

Columbus, Ohio’s capital city, boasts the second-highest Somali population in the United States, playing host to more than an estimated 50,000 Somali migrants and their anchor children, second only to Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is now represented by Ilhan Omar in Congress.

Watch the Somali Language Victory Speech Below: 

In additional footage of the Ismail Mohammed victory party, nearly all guests appear to be of Somali origin, demonstrating the large-scale political power that the United States has handed to third-world populations by opening its borders and dishing out citizenship to the beneficiaries of mass migration.

Watch More Footage from the Somali Victory Party Below: 

As National File has previously reported, Somali political power in the United States, particularly in the Midwest, has exploded, as cities with populations that until recent decades were made up of a White supermajority have been targeted for demographic makeovers by way of open borders and third-world chain migration.

In Burnsville, Minnesota, which lies just outside the City of Minneapolis and Ilhan Omar’s congressional territory, young girls in a public elementary school were offered “school spirit hijabs,” an idea that was cooked up by the district’s Somali Cultural Laison Officer, who’s been brought in to represent the interests of the area’s burgeoning Somali population.

In Somalia, and other fundamentalist, tribally-based Muslim countries, the Hijab is forced onto women’s heads, often under the penalty of death.

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Thanks to its Somali population boom, the Burnsville, Minnesota area has also produced several terrorists, who’ve committed acts of Stone Age Islamic radicalism both in the United States and abroad.

Multiple former students at Burnsville High School are known to have joined ISIS at the height of that group’s terrorist activity, with some of them losing their lives on Middle Eastern or North African battlefields, and others eventually being apprehended by American authorities.

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