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”Unyielding” tackles a recurring topic of military and national import as a history lesson for future generations. Controversial illegal medical mandates have impacted military populations for many decades, but it was not until the COVID-era that the American people witnessed similar overreach and abuse.

Colonel Thomas “Buzz” Rempfer’s memoir retraces the anthrax vaccine history since it marked the first time the armed forces were slapped with court rulings that condemned premeditated, willful, and illegal experimentation on our nation’s troops. Colonel Rempfer’s impeccable credentials and multiple decades of professional dissent against the illegal conduct provide a valuable example of persistent engagement against the abhorrent treatment of military members by senior leaders who failed to uphold their oaths and stand in the breach as stewards for their subordinate’s rights.
The advent of COVID mandates imposed on the entirety of the population from 2020 and beyond gave the American people a taste of the mistreatment previously reserved for our nation’s warriors. Legal protections enacted by the US Congress to guard against medical experimentation, meant to ensure safe, effective, and FDA-approved medical products, were instead manipulated and adulterated to foist onerous mandates on all sectors of society.
The book chronicles the military ethical and educational foundations provided to our armed forces in contrast to their abandonment by senior government and military leaders upon application of those principles. Whereas anthrax vaccine disputes impacted a tiny slice of our citizenry, the lessons not learned wreaked havoc on large segments of American workers with COVID.
Buzz’s decades-long analysis of the breakdowns stands as a unique treatise on the failures by national leaders to heed the ethical, operational, psychological, and risk assessment factors at the core of these enduring clashes. Future generations will sort out the aftermath, but in the meantime Colonel Rempfer’s “Unyielding” effort attempts to ensure that the lessons are not lost.

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