Trump Slams ‘Border Bloodbath’ as Invasion Intensifies Under Biden

Last Updated on April 3, 2024

45th President Trump slammed Joe Biden’s “border bloodbath” during a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, seizing upon the Democrat and corporate media hysteria that ensued when Trump first employed the term several weeks ago, at a rally in Ohio in which he warned of an economic “bloodbath” for the country if Biden is re-elected.

During his rally in Grand Rapids, Trump slammed the open borders policies of Joe Biden that have led to more than an estimated 10 million illegal aliens crossing the southern border since Biden’s 2021 installation, bringing the estimated total of illegal aliens taking up residence in the United States to around 40 million.

As Trump mentioned, in countries like Venezuela, where the killer of Laken Riley came from, corrupt governments are emptying their prisons, and sending their violent, unwanted citizens to America.

“It’s a border bloodbath, and it’s destroying our country and it’s a very bad thing happening. It’s going to end on the day that I take office,” Trump said.

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During his trip to Michigan, Trump received the endorsement of the Police Officers Association of Michigan, a union representing over 12,000 Michigan police officers.

Watch the Endorsement Below: 

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Despite rain, Trump was greeted upon his arrival by crowds of supporters, who lined the streets with American flags and other patriotic emblems, a phenomenon that’s followed Trump around the country since the early days of his 2016 run for the presidency.

Watch Video Footage of Trump’s Arrival Below: 

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In conjunction with the fanfare and police endorsement, in multiple recent polls, Trump leads Biden in Michigan, including the most recent Wall Street Journal poll, which was released this week.

Those results come several days after Democrats and the corporate media seized upon a Bloomberg survey, which showed Biden and Trump in a 45-to-45-point Michigan tie.

Part of the “blue wall” of rust belt states long controlled by Democrats, Michigan was won by Trump in 2016 and was among the most hotly contested states of the 2020 election cycle, in which it also served as a hotbed of alleged vote rigging and fraud.

Biden vs Trump in Michigan
Source: 270toWin

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