Transhumanism – An Alien Vision For Planet Earth

The transhumanism debate heats up.   Google is ‘transhuman’.  Who is leading the AI advancement?   Seems rather obvious – it is not Humans.  For all their cock stalking, humans don’t have the mental acumen to create what is being created in AI.  Silicon Valley is a congregation of secular pawns They believe that their indoctrination by aliens makes them superior in the technological sphere – but in reality, it simply makes them the epitome of  sheeple.   They take credit for advancements they don’t create.   They are slathered in money which defines them and realizes they are vacant.   And profoundly, they are oblivious to these Truths.

It is now accepted that AI will obliterate the human race as advanced by aliens inhabiting earth for multiple thousands of years.  Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are simply pawns of this matrix.   But they are as far from the technological hierarchy as Biden is from reality.   They are the stuntmen – inserted when necessary to preserve the real actors.   Chosen for their ego.   They stand on the stage, take the accolades for creating something they didn’t, and rewarded for their stupidity.

Perhaps transhumanism is envisioned as the only means to combat the alien super-superiority.   Stephen Hawking battled this phenomena as he fled and later fixated on God.   All while partaking in Epstein Island ‘philanthropy’…  What exactly did Hawking give to science and humanity?   Did he portray high morals, ethics, or family values?   No.   Did he create life and have multiple children?   No.   What he did – was to make and enforce assumptions.   And for this he is revered.

In effect, Hawking was a form of transhumanism in that he existed despite the odds.  But the Bezos version of transhumanism is much more of a comic strip pejorative.   He wants to be perfect – and will use any means – including massive cosmetic surgeries to achieve the appearance of ‘perfection’.  But his soul can’t be transed – and that is the entire cause of anxiety and rage among the elite.

A rose cannot be created without a seed planted by God.   It has no scent when humans insert their GMO’s.   It dies.   It never blooms.   Because – no one, not an alien, not a transhuman, not an elite can create.   They can only ‘clone’ a look alike that is an empty nothing.   If nothing else, this alone should remove all doubt about God.

In this fully damaged world as created by humans, I can’t imagine wanting to live forever.   That is akin to an eternity of torture.   A dystopian mental aberration.   And in that, I begin to wonder if these elite are truly imbecilic children… in the Matrix.  They have no viable end game.  They have no strategy other than Plan A over and over again.   And suddenly their IQ mimics what they desire for us – in order to be the illusion – perhaps 70-80 IQ…? The brain of an animal.  Built on the concepts of survival and food.

And Thus The Illusion Is That Their knowledge and wisdom exceeds ours – a propaganda built over thousands of years of indoctrination.   Imagine where we would be today if that same energy was focused on growth instead of power and destruction?

Thousands of Wasted Years!   Wasted.   Years.

Imagine the good that could have come?  Imagine – no more lies.   This is the Imagine John Lennon never got to consider.   Instead, he was filled with ‘crap’.

In Germany, it is illegal to homeschool your children.   The State believes you are not capable of raising your children.   An Afd politician was recently threatened to have her four children removed from her care because she made a public statement that was supportive of Russia.   She now resides in Russia.   Fleeing the fascism that is the German Government.  We can’t even say that outloud.   Shhh.

It recently was revealed that our delightful Burlesque Queen – Zelenskyy – had bought a nearly $200 million casino resort in Cyprus – on the beach no less!   Courtesy of US tax payers who are racking up credit debt to pay the bills!  To date, we can account for 3-4 properties in London, at least one villa in Italy, a mansion in Florida, a 75 foot yacht, and now a resort-casino.

Thank You Government.   Thank you for being Traitors to the American People.

Not to worry, you can always rely on Ted Cruz to suddenly make an appearance on CNN and ABC in which he points a finger and tells the world what they should be doing….before then jumping on a plane – destination Tahiti – poor baby.  Baby, Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

So.   Where does this all lead us?   Do they really want a Civil War – or do they just want us in a constant state of the unknown – which breeds – fear.   I’m supporting the ‘unknown’.   The knowledge that has been hid from us for millenniums, the history that is fabricated, when we catch one of the propaganda pieces – know that in the  plane of reality there are likely billions  of pieces of propaganda that is what we have collectively come to know as – History.

Would the extent of this knowledge be too much for our brains to accept and cause us to frazzle – Do any of you remember Nataly Wood’s last movie, “Brainstorm”.   Sort of stays with you.   It was somewhat tied into her tryst on the boat wherein she …


Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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