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“Top Moments from the 2024 Presidential Debate”

The 2024 presidential debate was a night full of interesting exchanges and standout moments. Here’s a rundown of the highlights, featuring key points of contention, notable zingers, and pivotal policy discussions.


The Economy and National Debt

Economic strategies were another major point of debate. President Biden boasted a record of job creation and economic growth, whereas former President Trump critiqued the handling of inflation and proposed new measures to support small businesses and the middle class through tax cuts and deregulation.


A highly charged discussion on abortion rights underscored the candidates’ stark differences. President Biden defended the administration’s stance on abortion rights and restoring Roe v. Wade. Former President Trump, however, called for more restrictive measures and increased state control over abortion laws.

Illegal Immigration

President Biden defended his administration’s immigration policies, discussing measures such as ending family separations, halting the construction of the border wall, and focusing on reuniting families that were separated under the Trump administration. Former President Trump criticized Biden’s approach, arguing that it has led to a surge in illegal immigration. Trump emphasized the importance of securing the border to prevent illegal crossings and pointed to the increase in migrant encounters as a failure of Biden’s policies and called for stricter enforcement measures to curb illegal immigration.


Foreign Policy

The debate also touched on foreign policy and national security, with discussions about the U.S.’s role on the global stage. President Biden underscored the importance of alliances and diplomacy, while former President Trump criticized recent foreign policy decisions and advocated for a more assertive stance that prioritizes American interests.


Middle East Conflict

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump had a vigorous exchange about the conflict in the Middle East, specifically focusing on Israel and Palestine. Biden emphasized the need for a cease-fire and a two-state solution as the only viable path to long-term peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians. Trump criticized Biden’s temporary suspension of bomb shipments to Israel as a sign of weakness and accused him of abandoning a key ally.

January 6th

President Biden condemned the January 6th attack on the Capitol, emphasizing the threat it posed to American democracy. He framed the insurrection as a direct result of Trump’s rhetoric and actions, accusing the former president of inciting violence and attempting to undermine the democratic process. Trump asserted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for not calling in the National Guard and that he had offered National Guard support, which the Mayor of Washington, D.C allegedly turned down.



President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump exchanged sharp remarks about the events in Charlottesville. President Biden condemned the white supremacist violence that occurred during the Charlottesville rally in 2017. Biden highlighted this moment as a key reason he decided to run for president, stressing the need to combat hate and uphold American values of equality and justice. Trump defended his response to the Charlottesville incident, reiterating that he was referring to the debate over the removal of Confederate statues and not to the neo-Nazis or white supremacists who participated in the rally. He accused Biden of misrepresenting his words and argued that his administration took strong stances against hate groups.


“Persistent Challenges”

Both candidates addressed the “persistent challenges” they faced during their terms. President Biden highlighted the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and its economic repercussions as major challenges. He emphasized efforts to strengthen the economy, manage inflation, and improve healthcare. Former President Trump focused on challenges related to border security and immigration, stressing the increase in illegal crossings and what he described as a lack of support from the Biden administration.

The “Climate Crisis”

President Biden emphasized the urgent need to address climate change, framing it as an existential crisis that requires immediate and decisive action. He outlined his $2 trillion plan aimed at transitioning to a clean energy economy, which he claimed would create over 18 million jobs. (KQED)​​ (Council on Foreign Relations)​​ (Earth.Org)​. Former President Trump took a different stance, focusing on the economic implications of Biden’s climate policies. He criticized Biden’s plan as overly ambitious and costly, claiming it would harm the economy and lead to job losses in the fossil fuel industry. Trump reiterated his support for the oil and gas sectors and touted his administration’s achievements in reducing carbon emissions through initiatives like the Trillion Trees Program. (KQED)​​ (Earth.Org)​.


Social Security

President Biden outlined his plan to strengthen the program by raising taxes on high earners, specifically those making over $400,000 annually, to ensure its long-term solvency. Former President Trump reiterated the lack of border security under the Biden Administration and how the millions of illegal immigrants flooding into the US are disrupting Social Security for citizens; he emphasized that while American Veterans are on the street, illegal immigrants are being housed in luxury hotels.

Age Concerns

President Biden acknowledged concerns about his age by emphasizing his experience and track record. He highlighted his successful handling of major challenges during his presidency; he emphasized his physical and mental fitness by noting his active schedule and consistent public appearances. Former President Trump addressed concerns about his own age and ability by emphasizing his energy and stamina, frequently mentioning his active rally schedule and ability to handle tough interviews. Trump contrasted himself with Biden by portraying himself as more vigorous and mentally sharp, suggesting that Biden’s age and perceived decline were more significant issues. Trump sought to reassure voters that, despite being only slightly younger than Biden, he maintained the vitality needed for the presidency.

Will Trump Accept the Election Results?

Trump did not commit to accepting the results unconditionally. He stated that he would accept the results if he believed the election was “fair and legal”.

Closing Statements

President Biden emphasized unity and progress, calling for Americans to come together to tackle the nation’s challenges. He highlighted his administration’s achievements in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, and infrastructure development. Biden also focused on the importance of protecting democracy, advocating for voting rights, and addressing climate change. He framed his presidency as one of stability and progress, contrasting it with the turmoil and divisiveness he attributed to Trump’s tenure.

Former President Trump reiterated his campaign’s focus on “Making America Great Again.” He criticized Biden’s handling of the economy, immigration, and foreign policy, arguing that the country has weakened under Biden’s leadership. Trump promised to restore economic growth, secure the borders, and prioritize American interests on the global stage. He appealed to his base by highlighting his previous achievements and promising to continue his fight against what he described as corruption and inefficiency in Washington.



The 2024 presidential debate highlighted the deep divisions and stark contrasts between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

While Trump addressed many key issues effectively and aligned with conservative values on topics such as the economy and border security, his stance on the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the abortion pill was deeply disappointing. More than that, as a pro-life conservative, it was a complete betrayal. By condoning the decision, Trump betrayed a core principle of the pro-life movement. This inconsistency undermines his credibility and commitment to protecting the sanctity of life. Ultimately, while Trump’s policies resonate more closely with conservative ideals and American interests, this particular stance raises serious concerns about his dedication to the pro-life cause.

Biden’s performance, on the other hand, was nothing short of an embarrassment. His inability to articulate coherent sentences and his administration’s disastrous handling of immigration has left our nation vulnerable and overwhelmed. The influx of millions of immigrants in a full-on invasion under Biden’s watch is a clear indication of his failure to prioritize the safety and needs of American citizens. Beyond that? He’s barely functioning. If he is this bad at constructing simple responses to questions, who is actually running the country as our “president” behind the scenes? Will they replace Biden after his unsurprisingly awful debate performance? If so, we better hope and pray he’s not replaced by someone far, far worse.

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