Switch emulator Suyu hit by GitLab DMCA, project lives on through self-hosting

Is a name like "Suyu" ironic enough to avoid facing a lawsuit?

Enlarge / Is a name like “Suyu” ironic enough to avoid facing a lawsuit? (credit: Suyu)

Switch emulator Suyu—a fork of the Nintendo-targeted and now-defunct emulation project Yuzu—has been taken down from GitLab following a DMCA request Thursday. But the emulation project’s open source files remain available on a self-hosted git repo on the Suyu website, and recent compiled binaries remain available on an extant GitLab repo.

A GitLab spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the project was taken down after the site received notice “from a representative of the rightsholder.” GitLab has not specified who made the request or how they represented themselves; a representative for Nintendo was not immediately available to respond to a request for comment.

An email to Suyu contributors being shared on the project’s Discord server includes the following cited justification in the DMCA request:

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