Stew Peters DESTROYS Rolling Stone, Says Rag is ‘Complicit’ in Pedophilia

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

Nationally syndicated TV news host Stew Peters DESTROYED Rolling Stone, the left-wing rag that published a hit piece on him that sided with groomers, pedophiles, and the trans lobby in their never-ending war on American children and thousands of years of human development.

The Rolling Stone hit piece against Peters came after he called for the burning of the pornographic, pedophilic books that are being peddled to children in their schools and libraries and after a Stew Peters Show segment in which Peters called the destruction of such filth “heroic.”

Specifically, Peters harkened back to the burning of pornography and homosexual and transgender literature and other materials in Weimar Germany, where transgenderism was pioneered and where, not unlike today, perverted communists, a huge proportion of which happened to be Jewish, were marketing destructive and demented alternative lifestyles to young people, including children.


After that segment aired, revealing a truth about book burning and the Weimar Republic that’s been deliberately hidden from the American People for decades, Rolling Stone lept into action, publishing a hit piece against Peters while also using the occasion to attack 45th President Trump and the entire Rumble platform, where Peters broadcasts to more than 500,000 followers and where Trump is airing 2024 campaign ads.

The Rolling Stone hit piece, which Peters described as a “shakedown” attempt, went out of its way to cast those opposed to pedophilia and transgenderism as “pro-Nazi” while outwardly defending the grooming and indoctrination of children in 21st Century America.

In response to the hit piece, Peters aired a firey segment in which he destroyed not just Rolling Stone, but anyone who backs the grooming of children, and doubled down on his assertion that burning pro-pedophile materials is a heroic act.

“Anyone who doesn’t support, who’s not for burning this filth, who doesn’t support the heroic act of destroying and killing with fire anything that’s here to hurt our children, is demonic,” Peters said.

“Anyone who doesn’t stand up, who doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow man and say ‘enough is enough’ and then set fire to the ultimate plague on mankind, is in league with satan.”

“As a matter of fact, they are complicit in the rape and mutilation and murder of kids. The most vulnerable, most defenseless members of our society,” Peters went on.

“These crybabies at Rolling Stone and other rags like it, love to say that if you’re not out in the streets with a bunch of black thugs burning down entire cities, then you’re complicit in racism, then you’re complicit in systemic oppression,” said Peters.

“Well, in reality, Rolling Stone is not just complicit in the destruction of our children, in the destruction of mankind itself, they’re an active party to it,” he went on.

“Rolling Stone is actively pushing for the rape of our children. Rolling Stone is actively pushing for the mutilation of their bodies and the destruction of kids’ entire lives in the name of transgenderism. And those whose bodies they don’t get a hold of, they’ll make sure to poison their brains. They’ll make sure to poison their little minds with so much of this filth over the course of their childhoods and the rest of their lives, that they won’t know any better,” said Peters.

“They’ll believe that all of this is normal because the adults in the room are too busy watching the NFL. Or too busy pushing this filth themselves to tell them otherwise,” he said, before reminding the audience that at the heart of his show is a divinely inspired mission to save America’s children from the spiritual warfare they’re subjected to each day.

“You know, I say every day at the very beginning of this broadcast, at the intro to this show, that I’m on a very specific mission. God has put me on a path, on a mission, to stand up and fight for our children,” said Peters. “To fight for their very right to life itself. And that’s what this is all about. It’s about saving our children. Saving the next generation from the scourge that’s been thrust upon them. It’s been thrust upon all of us.”

Watch Stew Peters’ Full Response to Rolling Stone HERE, or Below:

Rolling Stone – Obsessed with Stew Peters:

The Rolling Stone hit piece against Stew Peters is just the publication’s latest failed attempt at taking Peters down, and comes as his mega-viral news program continues raking in millions of views across a laundry list of platforms, including Rumble and DirecTV.

Previously, Rolling Stone has labeled Peters a “conspiracy kingpin” for his investigative reports and his ground-breaking film Died Suddenly, which broke through the Big Pharma and Big Tech censors to deliver the truth about the COVID bioweapon to millions of viewers around the world and continues to make a huge impact to this day, more than a year after it was initially released.

Since last fall, Rolling Stone has also tried to weaponize Peters’ opposition to Israel’s attempted conquest of Gaza, claiming that his opposition to the US-backed war and his exposing of Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians is a form of “antisemitism.”

Unsurprisingly, in levying accusations of antisemitism against Peters, Rolling Stone quoted heavily from the Anti-Defamation League, the globalist Jewish pressure group that has placed itself in the middle of efforts to shut down any and all speech critical of Israel or that exposes disproportionate Jewish control over the United States and the world.

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