Southern State Senate Preemptively Strips WHO, WEF, UN of ALL Authority

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

The Louisiana State Senate has taken action to preemptively strip the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations of ALL authority in that state, going on record barring the globalist entities from asserting control over the American People or partnering with any government organization in the state to enact their agenda.

Louisiana Senate Bill 133 was passed by the State Senate this week in a 37-0 vote and will now head to the State House of Representatives after which, if it passes, it will be sent to Governor Jeff Landry to be signed into law. Under the pending legislation, which appears to have wide support among elected officials and voters alike, the WHO, WEF, and UN will all be banned, by name, from asserting any “jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana.”

“No rule, regulation, fee tax policy, or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or implemented by the state of Louisiana or any agency, department, board, commission, political subdivision, government entity of the state, parish, municipality, or any other political entity,” the legislation orders.

Read the Full Bill HERE

The legislation in Louisiana comes roughly four years after the United States, and most of the world were taken by storm by globalist entities like those named in the bill, who used COVID to trigger a “great reset” of finance, politics, medicine, and culture.

Though they’d been chipping away at American sovereignty for years, working directly with elected and appointed government officials to do so, the COVID “pandemic” and subsequent “vaccine” roll-out marked an unprecedented campaign on behalf of the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations to seize control of governments all over the world, especially in the United States.

Throughout the “pandemic,” Democrat and Republican governments at all levels took orders from the globalists, specifically citing groups like the WHO as they ordered American citizens to remain locked down in their homes, surrender their livelihoods, and snitch on their neighbors who stepped outside.

And, as mentioned, their influence has extended far beyond the medical sector, as their global lockdown and COVID “pandemic” were used to hijack America’s 2020 election.

Demonstrating the infiltration of southern and “red” states by these groups, last year, at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit, Børge Brende, Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, gave Georgia Governor Brian Kemp a pat on the head as thanks for his election stand-down.

After slamming Republican candidates as “election deniers,” Brende lauded Kemp’s inaction on the documented election fraud and irregularities that marred his home state.

“We know you well,” Brende told Kemp, before remarking that, during America’s recent elections, “a lot of candidates who were ‘election deniers’ were not elected.”

“You came under some pressure [to secure Georgia’s elections] but you didn’t really give in on that did you?” Brende asked.

Kemp responded with a nod, before shifting the conversation to the economy, and claiming that he believes that Democrats will join with Republicans in securing America’s southern border.

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