Robert De Niro’s Latest Vulgar Anti-Trump Meltdown Includes The Disturbing Phrase “We Got To Get Rid Of Him”

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro’s latest vulgar rant against President Donald Trump, this time on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC talk show, included the disturbing line “We got to get rid of him.”

“He’s so f— stupid,” De Niro said, proving that actors who got big in the 1970’s probably do NOT comprise the best pool of thought leaders for America to elevate in the public discourse. But here we are.

“He’s a f— moron. But he’s a scary one. And in all seriousness, and we know it here, people have to get out and vote and vote and vote and vote,” De Niro said.

De Niro said that he is totally “dumbfounded” and “baffled” by Trump’s support in America, and he compared Trump to a televangelist.

“He’s dangerous. We got to get rid of him,” De Niro.

An iconic actor from such cinematic masterpieces as Taxi Driver (1976) and Raging Bull (1980), De Niro has taken paychecks to star in many, many movies over the years and a lot of them have been really bad. Sure, he turned in a nuanced performance in The King of Comedy, for instance, but he also flopped in a big pile of awful comedies like The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Showtime, Analyze That, and Little Fockers. De Niro is not funny, and should really stop trying to be.

De Niro previously threw down a vulgar rant against Trump at the Tony Awards, making it clear (along with Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock) that showbiz awards shows in America are definitely NOT the paragon of class in our culture.


Hollyweird is increasingly irrelevant in the age of President Donald J. Trump, as Middle America looks for more patriotic and truthful sources of news and entertainment on the Internet. Will the American people someday wholly reject the crooked Hollywood enterprise, and the idol-worship industry that gifts political clout to handpicked jesters for the regime? We can dream!

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