Rival Company Holds Job Fair on Friday For Tyson Foods Workers Laid Off In Iowa As Tyson Tries To Hire Migrants

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

With Tyson Foods closing its pork plant in Perry, Iowa, a rival meat company based in Brazil called JBS is holding a job fair Friday at noon for laid-off workers at El Rey Market, a small business in town frequented by Tyson plant workers. Guess how many layoffs are happening as a result of this un-patriotic corporate decision? 1,267 Tyson workers are getting laid off.

Can Brazilian JBS save the livelihoods of some of the hardest-working Tyson Foods employees? Will those workers make the decision to move elsewhere? Can the town of Perry, Iowa ever be the same?

Tyson Foods, meanwhile, is involved in an effort to hire 52,000 migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Great Replacement is real. And it’s happening.

“After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to permanently close our Perry, Iowa pork facility. We understand the impact of this decision on our team members and the local community,” stated some flack from Tyson Foods. “While this decision was not easy, it emphasizes our focus to optimize the efficiency of our operations to best serve our customers.”

The Perry story is a particularly bleak and poignant scrapbook moment for America in the year 2024.

The Iowa Senate Democrats are selling socialism. Democrats are pushing for government-funded unemployment benefits to help the Perry workers, claiming that Republicans previously blocked unemployment aid for victims of plant closures.

Obviously, the GOP does not have a brilliant track record when it comes to taking care of people affected by the globalist pro-finance policies gutting the post-industrial Midwest. But Democrats are cynical to push for unemployment aid without offering any meaningful solutions as to how these workers get their incomes back.

Pray for prosperity to return to the United States.

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