Pro-Biden Advocacy Groups Pivot to Diversity

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

The Pro-Biden “Building Back Together” (BBT) advocacy group plans to expand its messaging with the metaphorical anchor of the Democratic Party — diversity.

“We’ve been very intentional in hiring a diverse group of staff, given that the constituencies that we are trying to reach are Black, Latino and young people, and also want to make sure that we are bringing folks with experience to be innovative and strategic because we know that the playbook we’ve used in the past is not the one that we need to be using this summer,” said BBT Executive Director Mayra Macías.

“From day one, Building Back Together has remained true to its core mission: to help move the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda forward. We’ve been able to do so by assembling one of the largest, most diverse coalitions supporting this administration.”

According to The Hill, BBT is staffing up with five new hires as of Monday, including former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Hispanic Media Director Javier Gamboa, who will be deputy executive director. BBT will also add Blake Goodman as communications director, Planned Parenthood board member Paydon Miller as director of strategic initiatives, The Packard Foundation’s Andrea Lozano as digital content manager, and Ashley Alvarez as political director.

BBT isn’t just progressive on the outside, as it has shifted from a paid media group to a policy clearinghouse to focus on “allied groups … and unify their messaging,” reported The Hill.

In 2018, BBT’s Mayra Macías played a critical role in electing the most diverse congressional class in history.

Macías plays a demonstrative part in BBT’s expansion and messaging. She explained to The Hill the challenges of a diverse demographic composition due to the wide array of policy priorities:

The piece that has been interesting to be here in this position, and for the last three years, telling folks like, ‘we need to focus on the economy,’ pulling out from polling like, ‘the most effective way to talk about the economy is through testimonials, is through finding impacted people. And it took like two years to finally get the coalition all in agreement that the economy was and is the issue that we need to talk about.

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However, the people’s talk has shifted away from policy after President Biden’s poor performance against former President Donald Trump in last month’s debate. Now, the focus is largely on Biden’s cognitive abilities. The group hopes to distance its messaging from that by focusing strategy demographically and highlighting some of Biden’s underplayed achievements.

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