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Planned Parenthood Tears Uterus of 23-Year-Old Woman in Botched Abortion

On June 10, an employee called from Carbondale Planned Parenthood, located at 200 North Emerald Lane, to request an ambulance for a woman hemorrhaging after a procedural abortion.

The Planned Parenthood facility was opened just days before Christmas in 2023 and has added surgical abortions since its opening. Operation Rescue has tracked this Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities that opened in Carbondale after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, making it a dangerous abortion destination. Mothers in southern states, where unborn babies are protected, are unfortunately directed to the southern Illinois town of Carbondale because of its close proximity.

“It was heartbreaking when we began to see this trend developing,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Of course, we knew we would see an increase in these types of critical injuries as pregnant women are funneled into the area.”

The Hispanic caller, whose English is difficult to understand, stated the woman’s bleeding was controlled. One must wonder if the 911 dispatcher refrained from asking additional questions because of the language barrier.

Carbondale’s Hispanic population is just below 1.7 percent. However, Planned Parenthood has a reputation for targeting minority groups and would likely find it beneficial to employ at least one person who speaks Spanish fluently.

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According to the highly redacted computer-aided dispatch transcript, the call was made at 1:30 p.m. and required advanced life support. Emergency medical intervention was provided by paramedics at the Planned Parenthood killing center, and she was transferred to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale less than two miles away.

Though Carbondale is a relatively small town in southern Illinois, with a population of just 21,000, the hospital’s birthing center is nationally recognized for the safe and comfortable environment it provides for birthing mothers. Now, however, the small railroad town has been transformed into an abortion destination, leaving local emergency room staff and doctors to come to the rescue of moms who have either chosen abortion or been coerced. In some cases, minors or trafficked adults are forced to kill their babies.

In this situation, a youthful, 23-year-old mother was seriously injured when an abortionist recklessly tore her uterus while killing, or attempting to kill, her innocent child.

“We do not know how much blood this young woman lost, whether she needed a transfusion or multiple transfusions, or if she lost her life,” said Newman. “We hope she recovered from her injury and pray she becomes a voice for voiceless innocent babies while also sounding the alarm for mothers considering abortion.

“We encourage our supporters to also pray for a strong life-saving presence, especially on the sidewalks, at the killing centers in this small southern Illinois town overtaken by the Abortion Cartel.”

LifeNews Note: This article was originally published by Operation Rescue, a leading pro-life, Christian activist organization dedicated to exposing abortion abuses, demanding enforcement, saving innocent lives, and building an abortion-free America. The author, Anne Reed, is Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.

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