PEOPLE STAND WITH TRUMP: 91 Percent of Dr. Phil’s Audience Will Still Vote for Trump Despite Conviction

Dr. Phil McGraw joins millions of Americans in recognizing that Fat Alvin Bragg’s case against Donald Trump is nothing but garbage and proving that no amount of political attack can stop the Trump Train.

The talk show host interviewed Trump on Friday about various topics.

The Raging Patriot’s co-founder, Nicholas Pagnotta, recommends everyone watch the interview.

“Dr. Phil actually let Donald Trump speak without being interrupted and understood the facts behind the fake Alvin Bragg case,” wrote Pagnotta on Rumble.

Video by Nicholas Pagnotta. Click the button below to follow him on Rumble!

McGraw treats his guests with respect, something that the elite media needed to learn.

Pagnotta also pressed on the relevance of Dr. Phil’s interview.

He said: “Dr. Phil’s audience isn’t the same group of people who watch the Dan Bongino show or other conservative podcasts, this is a crowd of people who are hearing the truth about Biden’s weaponized legal system for the first time. That matters.”

During the show, the famed host conducted a poll among his audience to see if they would still vote for Trump even if he was a “convicted felon.”

McGraw gathered answers Fat Alvin did not want; 91 percent of the audience responded that they would still vote for a felon.

Trump and the Merit Street Media host discussed the recent clown show by Judge Juan Merchan and Alvin Bragg in Manhattan.

McGraw noted how Biden’s lawfare “distracts” the former president and pleaded with Biden to “end all of this now.”

Trump, outraged by the attacks, highlighted how absurd the attacks had been.

“Can you imagine? I’m the Republican nominee, and I’m not allowed to talk because a local judge from New York, appointed by Democrats, said, I can’t talk about it. It’s so unfair. And then he gives a jury charge. Nobody’s ever heard of a charge like this. He gave instructions to the jury. And by the way, the jury happened to be in a location that was almost no Republicans. You understand that?”

Dr. Phil continued sharing his thoughts on the sham trial, since he wasn’t in a gag order, quoting an article in the Wall Street Journal, “What do we say to those people that are rejoicing over reducing law to the status of a weapon in the hands of the dominant political power? Because that’s what’s happening right now.”

Trump then pressed that all these attacks were about “November fifth, which I think is going to be the most important day in the history of our country. If we don’t turn this around, we’re not going to have a country left anymore.”

The Democrats have been using every institution of the government to obliterate the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, but Trump’s campaign is unfazed. The people stand with Donald Trump, who will bring back law and order—and, ultimately, the United States of America.

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