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Pelosi Warns Against Biden Debating Trump as Handlers Issue ‘List of Demands’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would not recommend that Joe Biden debate President Donald Trump as the Biden campaign issued a list of “conditions” before taking the stage.

Political analyst Nia-Malika Henderson said, “Donald Trump is going to throw everything at the wall.”

Host Dana Bash said, “Well, on that note, I want you guys to listen to what Nancy Pelosi told our Manu Raju, after hearing about these debates.”

On Capitol Hill, Pelosi said, “I myself would never recommend going on with stage with Donald Trump, but the president has it is decided that’s what he wants to do. I think format he has suggesting is a good one.”

Pelosi added:

“I think you all should have separate town hall meetings with them, let them challenge them with questions about the future and let the public make its decision.”

Bash said, “As you were saying.”

Henderson said, “Yeah, no, I think that’s right. That idea of do you sort of elevate Trump? Do you give a platform to his many, many lies about everything by debating him?”

It later emerged that Biden’s campaign issued strict conditions for the debate.

The campaign requested that there be no live audience and Trump’s mic must be muted when Biden is talking.

The also requested that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cannot take part, and that the moderators have to be from CBS, ABC, CNN or Telemundo ONLY.

RFK responded on X:

Trump confirmed he will participate in a third debate hosted by Fox News in October.

However, it is not clear if Biden’s campaign will accept, maninly due to Fox New not being on the list of ‘approved’ moderators.

Trump made the announcement on Truth Social, writing:

“Please let this TRUTH serve to represent that I hereby accept debating Crooked Joe Biden on FoxNews. The date will be Wednesday, October 2nd. The Hosts will be Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. Thank you, DJT!”

Later, the Trump campaign issued a statement calling for more debates:

“We believe there should be more than just two opportunities for the American people to hear more from the candidates themselves.”

They added:

“With the soaring inflation of Bidenomics costing America’s hardworking families at the grocery store and at the gas pump, with our border being totally overrun, with chaos at home, chaos across the world, chaos on our college campuses, we should have one debate per month.”

“Therefore, we propose a debate in June, a debate in July, a debate in August, and a debate in September, in addition to the Vice Presidential debate,” the Trump campaign continued.

“Additional dates will allow voters to have maximum exposure to the records and future visions of each candidate.”

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