Nurse Jill Sits in “Many” Policy Meetings in the Oval Office

The problem with crooked Joe is not that he is sick or forgets words and trips over and falls. We are concerned because this corrupt administration drags the country along with its downfall. What is outrageous is the blatant lying and cheating, and who pushes elderly Joe to perform beyond his capacity? Jill Biden.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy joins Outnumbered on Monday to discuss how much influence Nurse Jill has had on Biden’s decision-making process recently.

At one instance, McCarthy recalled, the First Lady led him toward a donor and instructed him what to say. She coaches him on what to say and how to speak, boiling down to the question: “Who’s running the show?”

The former House Speaker emphasizes in his statement that Biden’s decline is only bound to get worse.

McCarthy lamented the role of nurse Jill amid all this chaos.

Video by Nicholas Pagnotta.
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“And you see Jill out there she’s a hard campaigner. I will tell you it’s much different why I know that they are going to stay in this race. Jill doesn’t want to leave either,” he quipped, referring to shitty Joe’s other flop interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous.

McCarthy also recalled how Jill likes to get herself involved in policy discussions at the Oval Office.

“Many times Jill would come in.”

Outnumbered host remarked that such actions were unfathomable, even contrasting former first lady Melania Trump attending a policy meeting.

The Raging Patriot’s co-founder, Nicholas Pagnotta, echoed the same thought.

“Could you imagine the media outrage if Melania was busted sitting in meetings when Donald Trump was president and making decisions about what he should do? There would have been 24/7 endless coverage from the fake press calling to invoke the 25th,” Pagnotta chided.

“I’ve said this since the 2020 campaign, Jill Biden is one of the worst power-hungry individuals I have ever seen, and the fact she is pushing her braindead husband to continue running shows what a low-life piece of shit she is.”

McCarthy quipped during the interview how meeting with Biden was always something different, and it has only worsened.

Of course, these changes and the deterioration of crooked Joe’s condition should be obvious to Jill Biden than anyone in the room. But she pushes him and continues to drag him into this humiliating position.

Jill was at the core of all these lies and deception, lashing out at fellow liberals for blowing their cover, protecting him from media scrutiny by controlling his movements, monitoring his schedules, and attacking aides for failing to prevent his gaffes.

Now, she’s acting as his surrogate. Some observers noted that her campaigning was more robust than the actual candidate.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe slammed Jill’s abuse of her husband and said, “Encouraging your husband to embarrass himself like this is not love.” No, it is not. It’s called opportunism.”

One person familiar with the Biden campaign shared that Old Joe only listens to his wife.

“The only person who has ultimate influence with him is the first lady.”

“If she decides there should be a change of course, there will be a change of course.”

But she won’t. And that’s why the Democrats are in this quagmire that they are in today.

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