Musk Touts MAGA Halo Composer for Congress

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

On Tuesday, Elon Musk spotlighted the conservative gamer crowd by reposting and commending former Bungie music composer Marty O’Donnell’s run for Congress.

O’Donnell, known for his work in Halo and Destiny soundtracks, announced his bid for office as a Republican running for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District on Saturday in a lengthy editorial post on X.

He stated that he was ready to retire but was “tired of seeing the leaders of our country being influenced by the toxic divisions that are tearing apart our family and society.” O’Donnell’s post discussed the rising cost of everyday items, home ownership and dwindling incomes.

In the post, he railed against government spending, corporatism, “big tech, big pharma, [and] big media … all trying to control big government in Washington DC.” O’Donnell pledged to work to contain our borders and national sovereignty, adding:

For my whole life, in every place I’ve ever lived, I’ve seen people working to provide for their family. Values like self-sacrifice, faith, integrity, fidelity, and valor are simply part of who these people are. They do these things not because the government tells them to, but because they know the right things to do – moral obligations that are freely chosen, not mandated by a government.

O’Donnell also remarked on traditionalism being ostracized in modern culture, attributing that to the suffering of children:

Years of ridiculing and demeaning old fashioned ‘family values’ have taken a toll. Our society’s strength, fundamentally linked to the vitality of the family structure, has been eroded. I want to champion the traditional family as critical for a child’s development and success.

O’Donnell’s pitch resonated with Elon Musk, who reposted his hopes for more candidates of such enthusiasm, passion and duty. Musk’s rather tepid endorsement still drew concern from those on the left.

Brian Krassenstein, a “political journalist” reformed as a binary left-wing activist, argued Musk’s actions as being election interference. Krassentein cried that it leaves an “impression of bias” and would not have been tolerated if former CEO Jack Dorsey promoted a political candidate.

Krassentein admitted that Dorsey influenced the platform’s political landscape but still has an issue with Musk’s loose endorsement.

In the same thread, he argued:

When the owner amplifies an overwhelming amount of specific views by reposts, likes and comments, isn’t that the same thing bottled up in different packaging though?

Krassentein will undoubtedly remain bent that the owner of one of the largest social media platforms has endorsed or instead hinted at an endorsement of a Republican. Perhaps this is the beginning of X’s true mission, as it has been remiss on the issue of free speech.

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Musk may continue to exercise editorial power and influence to highlight candidates and provide a clear pathway for a conservative victory. The only thing stopping him is the nonprofits that have already crippled his intentions for free speech.

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