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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Calls for Biden’s Handlers to be Allowed on Stage During Debates

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said the only solution to mitigate Joe Biden‘s debate issues is to allow his staff to join him on stage.

Despite O’Donnell suggesting that such an extreme measure should be applied to all candidates, we know he’s only saying this because it’s Biden that has the problems, no one else.

“Allow the candidates to have as many staff as they want, join them on the stage throughout the debate, and make sure that all of them have microphones, and the candidates should be allowed to turn to their staff and confer with them about anything at any time in the debate,” O’Donnell said.

“And we should be able to hear everything they say.”


“So we can hear if the candidate has competent or incompetent staff, we could hear the candidate overrule some advisers and say something else.”

“We could watch the candidates actually think and process information, including including possible information that they might not know until a staff member tells them or reminds them a candidate should be allowed to let staff members actually answer questions for them, just as the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken answers questions on behalf of the president around the world as has every Secretary of State in history.”

“That’s the way the presidency actually works,” the host added.

“The presidency does not involve oral exams and memory quizzes.”

“The president is allowed to forget what the marginal income tax rate is on couples filing jointly with an income of $150,000.”

When Biden and Donald Trump debate again in September, we could well see Biden’s handlers helping him through the questions. That’s if he doesn’t drop out before then.

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