Mike Rowe Talks About Being On Kennedy’s VP Shortlist As Kennedy Praises Aaron Rodgers

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe is considering running for vice president on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent ticket. Emmy-nominated Rowe, who began teaching people how to do various “dirty” jobs on his Discovery Channel reality show in 2003, discussed his meeting with Kennedy about the vice presidency.

Kennedy’s leaked shortlist sparked massive viral attention and prompted the mainstream media to run a smear campaign against truther New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is on the list. Other possibilities include Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, and former Minnesota governor and ex-pro wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

For his part, Kennedy praised Aaron Rodgers in a Fox News interview, saying, “I really like Aaron because our appeal is to young people. We’re trying to make sure that the young people are participating in the political process so that they have hope for America…We want somebody young who’s going to look out for that generation. Aaron Rodgers is battle-tested.”

While the media obsesses about Aaron Rodgers, another possible pick is quietly emerging.

In an interview with Erin Burnett, Mike Rowe discussed his meeting with Kennedy and Rowe heaped praise upon the independent contender.

“He’s serious. And when he talks about the things he’s serious about, he leans in, and it’s hard not to listen. He’s serious about the debt,” Mike Rowe said of Kennedy.

In 2018, Mike Rowe reached #1 in popularity on a list of “Top TV Personalities” that factored in his following on several different social media platforms. Rowe’s pro-work attitude could help Kennedy to dismiss concerns about his supposed leftism, and could also endear Kennedy to the Libertarian Party if Kennedy feels the strategic need to take the Libertarian nomination.

Mike Rowe is clearly interested in having the kinds of conversations that young people want to have in this economy. While conservative media makes a cottage industry out of demonizing millennials and Gen-Z zoomers as lazy, the reality is that many young people are working different jobs and still unable to afford basic costs.

Research shows that 46 percent of Gen-Z’ers and 37 percent of millennials have multiple jobs, as of 2023. Expect to hear more numbers like that as the economy worsens under Biden. Sadly, many young people are unable to find any employment as a massive wave of Third World migrants rampages into America to obtain benefits and advantages that middle-class American kids could only dream of.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won a 2023 Quinnipiac poll among voters 18 to 36 years old, and he placed first among independents in the Fox News poll. Kennedy’s strong advocacy against BlackRock’s takeover of the housing in this country is elevating his numbers with voters under age 40 who are losing hope of ever owning property.

Modern America tried to teach us to worship lavish houses then gave us a housing market with prices so high that many thirtysomethings just laugh darkly nowadays about the prospect of homeownership. In many cases, it’s difficult to even find apartments to rent with so much competition from wealthy foreigners including the Chinese nationals pouring into the country and seizing as many material possessions as they can.

If young Americans are supposedly “entitled,” as Conservative media often claims, it might be time for young Americans to finally ask what they’re entitled to, and how to actually get it.

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