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Michael Cohen: ‘People Will Start Flying Out of Windows’ If Trump Is Elected

Former personal attorney for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has claimed “people will start flying out of windows” if the former president is elected in November.

During Saturday’s edition of MSNBC‘s “Velshi,” Cohen said:

“State-sponsored news just like what you have in Russia and their station which is called Pravda and means truth which is ironic, right? “

“All of this goes away under a Donald Trump administration. Why? Because he doesn’t want to hear anything negative being said about him,” Cohen added.

“The fact that you have this television show, the fact that you have the ability to speak truth to power, all of that goes away if in fact this man into becoming president.”

He continued:

“All of these people whether it is Marco Rubio, Mike Johnson, Mark Meadows have all said disparaging things about Donald Trump at one point in time.”

“they believe that if Donald Trump wins and they are shoulder to shoulder with him, that they will have unlimited power which would of course give them the ability to have unlimited resources and assets.”


“One mistake that they are making, Donald Trump doesn’t share,” he said.

“It is all about him, not about his kids, not about his family, it is all about him.”

Cohen added:

“So they think that they are going to hitch themselves to his wagon in hopes that they are going to elevate themselves whether it is in power, through money, through connections and so forth, it does not work that way.”

“He will not allow that and just like Putin, once you start to get too big for your own britches, people will start flying out of windows, they will end up in gulags.”

“As Donald says all the time, send them to Gitmo, send them to Guantanamo bay.”

Last November, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough also claimed that if Trump is elected, he “will execute” and “imprison” people.

“He’s not a normal candidate,” Scarborough began.

“He is running to end American democracy as we know it.”

“He’s an authoritarian who a court in Colorado two days ago ruled that he led an insurrection against the United States government,” Scarborough added.

“He’s charged with leading schemes to help overthrow the United States government.”

“And if he is voted into office, then a lot of these people that are talking about ‘literal’ or ‘figurative’ or whatever the hell they’re saying, you’re gonna look like idiots,” he said.

“Because he will do, he will get away with, Trump will imprison, he will execute whoever he’s allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country,” Joe Scarborough continued.


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