Meghan Trainor said she pooped with her son to potty train him

Singer Meghan Trainor poses on stage during a performance
Meghan Trainor has been open about her parenting journey since she gave birth to her first son in 2021.

  • Meghan Trainor said that her son sat on his potty while she sat on the toilet bowl. 
  • The Grammy-winning singer shared her parenting method on Dax Shepard’s podcast, “Armchair Expert”.
  • Experts say potty training methods should be tailored to each child’s needs.

Meghan Trainor has a trick for potty training her son and it involves answering nature’s call together.

In an interview with Dax Shepard on his podcast “Armchair Expert” on Monday, the “Made You Look” singer shared her potty training method while discussing anal fissures.

“We’re potty training my kid, so don’t attack me internet, but I pooped with him,” Trainor, 30, told Shepard. “He was on his little potty, and I was over here. I know I can smell my poop, but we were like, ‘We did it, buddy!'”

This is not the first time Trainor has brought up toilet talk. In 2021, she was interviewed with her brother Ryan Trainor on the “Why Won’t You Date Me?” podcast hosted by Nicole Byer. “They poop together. She’s pooping and Daryl’s like, ‘I’m going to go hang out with you now!'” Ryan said about his sister and her husband on the show.

Trainor told Byer that she and her husband, actor Daryl Sabara, had installed two toilet bowls side by side in their house. The setup has also helped ease nighttime parenting duties.

“Because we have young babies, so we’re getting up every hour on the hour, and this dude pees like a girl. So I was like, get out of my way, I have to piss,” she told Shepard. “So I solved this crime, and I was like, we’re gonna pee at the same time.”

She clarified, however, that their shared bathroom time was limited to peeing.

Trainor and Sabara married in December 2018 after dating for almost two years. They welcomed their son, Riley, in February 2021 and their second son, Barry Bruce, in July 2023.

Since then, Trainor has been open about motherhood and parenting, including developing post-traumatic stress disorder after the complicated birth of her first son.

Trainor is not the only celebrity sharing her potty training methods. In 2020, actor Kristen Bell said in her podcast “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell” that when her older daughter was 21 months, she and her husband, Dax Shepard, had simply suggested she use the toilet.

“We were lying in bed giggling about this, my husband and I, like, ‘Why does everyone make a big deal out of this potty training? It’s so easy. Just tell the kid to use the toilet,'” she said.

She went on to explain that it wasn’t as easy with her younger daughter, who was still wearing diapers at 5.

While methods for potty training vary, Paul Patterson, MD, a board-certified pediatrician, told Business Insider that potty training should be tailored to each child’s needs.

“Each child and family is unique and thus so must the approach be to potty training,” he said.

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