Majority of Voters Support National Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Every day, thousands of illegal migrants trespass our borders, and thousands of criminals and fugitives lurk to enter our country as Joe Biden opens our country freely for terrorists to ravage and destroy America.

The Raging Patriot co-founder, Nicholas Pagnotta, blasted “criminals from all over the world” as they invaded our country.

“There are countries in Central America that are emptying their prisons and dumping their prisoners into the U.S.

Combine that with the fact that China has sent tens of thousands of Chinese nationalists, nearly all military-aged men, and the fact that China has been buying up land near critical infrastructure and military bases, and you see how dangerous of a position we are in,” Pagnotta added.

Biden tolerated all these; in fact, he blindly allowed all these, as they intended to “import new voters.”

“They could give two sh*t about the danger it brings,” Pagnotta quipped.

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These reasons see through all these, that is why Trump’s policies on the border are widely supported by the American people when he called for “mass deportations in numbers unimaginable just four or eight years ago.”

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, the vast majority of registered voters, including minorities, back the proposal to impose a national program to deport illegal migrants from the United States.

The poll, published on Sunday, reported that at least 62 percent of registered voters expressed that they would support “a new national program to deport all undocumented immigrants currently living in the US illegally.”

Furthermore, 57 percent of Hispanics would back the mass deportation plan, while 47 percent oppose it.

President Donald Trump has been the strongest proponent of this plan. Last September, during a campaign rally, he emphasized that he would implement “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history” if reelected.

In an event in Phoenix last Thursday, the former president added that contrary to him, his archenemy, the 81-year-old Shitty Joe, “wants an invasion.”

The survey also revealed that most respondents support empowering local law enforcers to identify illegal aliens in their communities (62 percent).

Video by The Raging Patriot.

A similar poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos also found that 56 percent of voters support the move to round up and deport all undocumented immigrants in the US.

Most respondents raised alarm over the influx of illegal aliens entering the southern border since Sloppy Joe destroyed all immigration laws imposed by Trump and implemented an ‘open-border’ policy.

Senator Marco Rubio (R) remarked that there could be around “30 million people who entered this country illegally.”

Donald Trump sacrificed a life of luxury to be convicted in a fake trial, with a rigged jury, a communist judge, a communist DA, a communist state AG, a Communist Governor, a communist DOJ, and a dictator living in the White House.

Now is the time to stand strong and support Donald Trump. Any form or amount of support counts! Send in your donations via the button below.

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