Lucas Gage: Look Toward Counter Cancel Culture Industry

Last Updated on May 7, 2024

After several unprovoked bans, commentator and influencer Lucas Gage pondered whether this was the future or if the Right had a counter.

Dissidents and even the average MAGA Joe have been banned from a series of platforms for reasons not known but suggested as political intolerance.

As for Gage, he understands well why he’s been banned as he is one of the most vocal opponents against the so-called establishment and Israel lobby. As for everyone else, it appears to be a matter of the same genre — political intolerance. A simple X post has been enough to grant the powers-at-be the ability to cancel and unperson someone.

Examining what happened to Gage is a good method for determining the social limits, especially because numerous entities cut all ties. It demonstrates clearly that these corporations have no problem with eliminating a person. Removing the payment processor can eliminate income. Thus, general livelihood is left up to the scales of an unknown fate. The depersoning of a person is not so personal as it does not consider the outcome. It is inhuman.

Lucas was banned from Buy Me a Coffee, COFI, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Wize, Stripe, LinkTree, FaceBook and Instagram.

I’ve grown so quickly and I’m an influential person and that threatens their narratives. So they want to shut me down and make me shut up, and make me obedient … I obviously dont care about the money so I won’t stop.

Lucas doesn’t care about the money or the labels. His posts on X are to desensitize people, like “This is not a scary person.” He told National File that is the purpose of his usage of Hitler in clips or pictures. He also said that the man has ironically become “a symbol of free speech.”

I think that’s why they’ve done this to me. To silence me, to beat me down, and make an example for others. But this is not working.

Lucas said he and other influencers will eventually receive the same treatment as Gen Z political commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes, who has been exiled from everything. But he’s not too concerned as “there’s no ultimate threat” to him.

It’s just different peoples had it done for different reasons, and essentially this is is problem that we all face.

He added that there is “another industry” for cancel culture.

Gab came out. Rumble came out. So these people take things and there’s another industry that pops up … But it could happen to anyone. It can happpen to you … The monetary losses are inevitable, and it’s just part of the territory.

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Ultimately, Lucas felt the whole canceling experience, including the recent demonization of X, was “liberating.” He said he simply doesn’t have to care anymore, although he wishes he could gain more influence. Lucas’s experience is one of encouragement and seemingly enlightenment.

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Many on the Dissident Right face cancel culture, but as Lucas remarked, there is a growing industry to counter that. Could this be a marketable opportunity for the right? Could it be a chance for the unsung and anons to be heard? And lastly, could it be a chance for journalists to be honest?

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