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Joe Rogan Says Open Border Used to Keep Dems in Power: ‘They’re Literally Importing Democratic Voters’

Podcast host Joe Rogan called out the real reason for Joe Biden’s open border, as millions of illegal immigrants continue the flood into the United States.

Democrats know they can’t get the votes, so they are importing them, Rogen said.

Of course, anyone who argues that this is the case is called a racist or conspiracy theorist.

“They’re literally importing Democratic voters,” Rogan said.

“They think that by allowing the border to be porous and giving people aid and housing, you’re guaranteeing that if you can rig it so those people will be allowed to vote, those people will vote Democratic.”

“And if you say voter ID is racist. ‘Oh, voter ID is racist!’ It all political horsesh*it.”


But it’s not just Rogan calling out the Democrats for importing illegal voters.

Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk warned last week that Democrats are planning to steal more federal elections by allowing non-U.S. citizens to cast votes.

The Daily Fetched reported that House Democrats are planning to block legislation that would require voters to prove their U.S. citizenship in federal elections.

Musk said Democrats are doing this is because they “want to cheat,” which we’ve seen in recent election cycles.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams echoed Musk on X:

“When Biden refuses to sign a bill preventing non-citizens from voting, that should become the only issue in the campaign.

Because it gives away the whole game.

It’s an unambiguous statement of Democrats preferring their power over your happiness. There is literally no other way to explain what we observe.

Ask every Democrat to explain why they voted against it. Their answers will sound stupid.

Ask Biden to defend it. You know how that will sound.

The guy with a potential 34 absurd felonies from a corrupt justice system isn’t trying to steal your stuff and give it to strangers.

Democrats are doing it while we watch.”

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