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Jen Psaki: Trump Isn’t Interested in White House, Only Interested in Staying out of Prison

Former White House Press Secretary turned media talking head, Jen Psaki, claimed that former President Donald Trump wasn’t running for president but running to keep himself out of jail.

During Sunday’s broadcast of her MSNBC show “Inside with Jen Psaki,” the host argued that President Joe Biden’s recent D-Day speech in Normandy, France, was proof his values were more aligned with the American people than Trump’s.


According to Psaki, Biden’s speech, which was more about Ukraine than D-Day, told the American people who he was and what he valued.

All Biden was doing was parroting Reagan’s 40th-anniversary remarks and rambling about foreign wars.

However, Psaki spun Biden’s speech as being both good and intentional.

“To hear both of them now, side by side, you’d think they’re almost completing each other’s sentences as they speak about the sacrifice of those brave soldiers,” she said.

She then predictably went on to attack Donald Trump, saying that he was more interested in protection from prosecution than taking back the White House.

“The truth is Trump couldn’t really care less about preserving the values that the U.S. has long stood for,” she said.

His campaign is not about preserving our freedom, it’s about preserving his own.”

“It’s not about upholding American greatness. It’s about staying out of prison.”

What Psaki forgot to mention was Biden’s viral incident when he suddenly began to bend over and crouch in what appeared to be the expectation that there was either a chair behind him or he was downloading a diaper.

Biden was suddenly whisked away, leaving Emmanuel Macron on his own to shake hands with the event attendees.

Biden could be seen keeling over as Dr. Biden, Macron, and his spouse, Brigitte Macron, stood straight.

Here is a recap:

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