Javier Milei Spends Nearly $1 Billion on Trans Hormones for Argentine Kids

Last Updated on March 23, 2024

The government of Argentine President Javier Milei is spending a whopping $827 million Argentine Pesos on transgender sex change hormones, including puberty blockers that will be provided to children deemed trans. The massive purchase of body mutilation drugs comes after Milei, a member of Argentina’s Libertarian Party, was both hailed and demonized as a “right-wing” icon and government spending slasher by media and political figures all over the world – especially in the United States.

According to the Argentine news publication El Disenso, “the Milei government will spend 827 million on inputs for the homogenization of children, adolescents and trans adults.”

In other words, Milei is spending at least $827 million Argentine Pesos (equivalent to $972,442 USD) to facilitate the mutilation and complete bodily destruction of Argentine children, and other citizens.

As El Diseno reported:

The current government has just published the approval of a purchase of $ 827,255,100 in body modification hormones for the gender and diversity program that provides free inhibition drugs and pubertal induction for children, adolescents and trans adults.

With the signature of Nicolás Posse and Mario Antonio Russo, the government today enabled the purchase of 105,000 containers of inputs for hormonalization requested by the Directorate of Gender and Diversity within the framework of Law 26,743.

This is Public Bidding 80-0025-LPU23, which had been slowed since June 2023 and was reactivated from January 2024.

Chief of Staff Posse today approved the tender, awarded the lines, authorized to issue purchase orders and impute the expense to the current budget of the Ministry of Health.

Javier Milei Buys Millions Worth of Trans Hormones

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As National File has reported, Milei, who’s previously been affiliated with the World Economic Forum, has already been ripped for betraying the populist agenda that got him elected.

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On his first day in office, he backpedaled on his campaign promise to pull Argentina out of the Paris Climate Accords, the World Economic Forum-backed scheme to destroy industry and modern comforts for the average citizen in the name of combatting “climate change.” The Paris Climate Accords are seen by many as a giant leap toward population control, considering that humans are a carbon-based life form.

NATIONAL FILE: Is Javier Milei a World Economic Forum Sleeper Soldier? 

Central to the Paris Climate Accord is a pledge to massively reduce carbon emissions by abandoning so-called fossil fuels and the other mechanisms that power developed nations.

With the Accord long endorsed by the World Economic Forum and other globalist organizations, the climate treaty has been criticized for years as a population control scheme that will eventually demand the reduction of human-produced carbon, once the goal of limiting other carbon emissions is reached.

Under the Accord, Western nations, like the United States, must agree to massively cutting all carbon emissions down to “net zero,” while nations like Communist China are expected to do far less, in what is quite obviously a plan to cripple the Western World and pivot global production and influence sharply toward China.

The World Economic Forum’s backing of the Paris Climate Accord becomes all the more interesting when it is realized that before running for President of Argentina, Javier Milei was affiliated with the WEF, even attending its Forum on Latin America in 2014, as the globalist organization made a heavy push into Latin America that continues to this day.

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