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James Carville Warns Democrats They’re Making Fatal Mistake Sticking with Biden as Nominee: ‘We’re Losing’

Former Clinton strategist James Carville warned Democrats they are making an “idiotic choice” to stick with President Joe Biden as their nominee.

During an appearance on CNN‘s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Cooper asked Carville about his thoughts on some Democrats continuing to support Biden.

“The fact that she [Sen. Patty Murray] came out and said this speaks by him as opposed to what people say in front of a camera,” Carville said.

“So I still think I’ll stand by my thing that he won’t run, but if he does we’re just making a idiotic choice for the future of our country. I can’t help but believe that.”

“The proof’s in the pudding. They’re moving states away from us.”

“We are losing, we’re not winning,” Carvile warned.


“And when we lose, America loses. It’s that simple,” Carville said.

Anderson went on to press Carville on Biden’s poor debate performance, which ignited panic among many /democrats about the president’s mental fitness and calls for him to step down.

“So you get through one teleprompter performance. What are you going to do on September 10 when there’s another debate scheduled?” Carville continued.

“What are you gonna do — He couldn’t meet with the German chancellor because he had to go to bed when he was at the NATO conference,” Carville added.

“I just think, you know, you’re right — is there a risk in trying to change directions? Of course there’s risk with everything.”

“But with risk comes hope. Right now, we have always been a party of hope. You know, hope and place called hope and dealer leader in hope and I have a dream and keep hope alive. And I don’t see any hope in the Democratic Party right now.”

“I see a lot of fear and a lot of, ‘Well, if we try something different we end up in a ditch.’ Well, we already in a ditch, but ought to try to get out of it as opposed to trying to drive it. But I agree with everything that everybody says.”

“We gotta have a change. I just genuinely do.”

Trump’s lead over Biden doubled following the debate, according to an Emerson College poll which also estimates the former president leading Biden by four points with 46% of the voter’s support with Biden.

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