Jake Shields Defeats Neocon Ben Shapiro In Back-And-Forth On X, Achieving A Ratio

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

Champion mixed martial artist Jake Shields soundly defeated Zionist neocon pundit Ben Shapiro in a back-and-forth on X on Thursday evening, with Shields supporters achieving a “Ratio” effect against Shapiro in the replies and quote-tweets.

Jake Shields accused Shapiro of standing “against free speech” for supporting a House bill that could change the ownership of TikTok.

The bill that passed the House could take TikTok away from Chinese Communist Party-tied ownership and allow somebody else (possibly ex-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin or investors in Mnuchin’s orbit) to purchase TikTok. Presumably, the new owners could then swing the algorithms and censorship on TikTok toward the cause of Zionism and away from the anti-Zionist sentiment that is dominating the platform and stressing out the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt, who got caught in leaked audio describing a “TikTok problem” and a “Gen-Z problem” for his Zionist cause.

Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky fought against the bill because it has other disturbing implications for free speech and could be used to ban other platforms in the future for perceived Wrongthink.

Of course, it is possible to oppose Chinese influence and also oppose the House’s TikTok-related manipulations. But Shapiro’s parlor-trick punditry does not factor in the complexity of issues.

“I didn’t think you could somehow magic opposition to a Chinese-owned psyop into an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but I underestimated you. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect,” Ben Shapiro quipped in typical midwit fashion.

“Your false claims of antisemitism no longer work Ben and the world sees through your lies,” Shields replied.

Public opinion strongly favored Shields supporters on social media, with many people expressing their dissatisfaction with Shapiro’s years of Zionist punditry couched as partisan “conservative” gotcha games. The tide is turning against Shapiro. Let’s take a look at Ben’s record.

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire has some very extremist Zionist views, according to the video “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Pro-Palestinian college student” on Youtube. Over the years, Ben Shapiro has marketed himself as an American conservative, but his recent feud with Candace Owens over the Israel-Palestine war is threatening to derail Shapiro’s status in the punditry business.

Candace Owens has vocally defended the America First position and also the faithful Christian position in opposition to Shapiro. I predicted in May 2018 that friction would further develop between Owens and Shapiro. Candace Owens appeared on the show Tucker on X with Tucker Carlson to present a humane view on the foreign sand war. Ben Shapiro taunted her on X, urging her to quit the Daily Wire.

Ben Shapiro became famous years ago as a gimmicky 17-year old syndicated columnist for the professional “conservative” movement. Ben Shapiro recently did a groveling interview with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and fellow pundit Jordan Peterson, who also takes an extremely pro-Israel stance. Ben Shapiro’s feud with his Daily Wire colleague Candace Owens is not going well for Shapiro, because the America First movement is obviously against Shapiro and has been for years. Why? Behold some of Ben Shapiro’s most nefarious issue opinions below.

Why are they so nefarious? In each of these cases, Ben Shapiro advocates for policy positions that actually mirror the conventional thinking of the Republican Establishment in Washington, D.C. In each case, Shapiro advocates against the interests of young Americans in favor of the Wall Street status quo. Indeed, for those in the America First movement, Ben Shapiro has long been considered a subversive neocon who manipulates the talking points in the astroturfed conservative media space, using Right vs. Left partisanship to convince the Republican Party to trend in the direction of its pro-Israel donors and consolidate wealth in the hands of the chosen few. Observe:

Ben Shapiro shills for Blackrock getting the suburban houses as part of Larry Fink’s social-engineering scheme by which Blackrock is mass-buying up houses. Ben Shapiro uses supposed free market rhetoric to excuse this unpatriotic disturbing development…

Ben Shapiro champions the unprecedented trend of American white demographic replacement, the replacement of the American people by foreigners, and the idea that increasingly empty political signifiers like “conservative” or “Republican” should tribalize the population instead. Meanwhile, the GOP-friendly U.S. Chamber of Commerce helps corporations keep the cheap foreign labor flowing in “legally.”

Ben Shapiro shilled for the deadly Coronavirus injection, an mRNA experiment that has been accused of leading to countless deaths in all parts of the world from blood clotting and associated heart attacks and strokes. Shapiro was literally still shilling for Coronavirus injections and for the “Omicron” Scamdemic narrative as recently as the final day of the year 2021.

Of course, Shapiro hosted failed presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s segment where she advocated for bringing as many immigrants as possible into the United States of America.

“Immigrants are the fabric of America,” Haley stated in an interview on neocon shill Shapiro’s podcast in 2019.

“It’s what makes us great. We need as many immigrants as we can. We need the skills, we need the talent, we need the culture. We need all of that,” Haley said.


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