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“Is Dandelion a Useless Weed or an Anti-Cancer Miracle Worker?”

We all know that dandelion tea is beneficial, though for most of us, the specifics are vague. At the same time, the last few decades have seen what can only be described as a hate campaign against dandelions, casting them as scourges of a perfect lawn.
“Organic Life” websites concede that dandelion has some benefits, including protecting skin from UVB damage, easing GI symptoms of many kinds, and fighting inflammation.
But a few clicks into the NIH peer-reviewed studies database, shows that dandelion extract — flower, leaves, and roots — has extraordinary healing powers documented by peer-reviewed studies — the information about which has been marginalized or suppressed in our culture. Not only does the extract heal precancerous damage to skin from the sun ( but GI conditions, including serious ones such as ulcers, heal and even resolve:
Most stunningly, dandelion root extract was shown to kill more than 90 percent of the colorectal cancer cells “in vitro” (in the lab) and more than 95 percent of the cancerous tumors in vivo — in mice:
Another massive secret to our healing, is that the toxic combination of Big Pharma, Big Science, and Big Media has sought to suppress.
Dr Wolf in this video, shows how to harvest, dry, and use dandelions.

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