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Investor George Jarkesy: “Massive SCOTUS Win”

George Jarkesy is an entrepreneur and investor, who was accused of fraud in 2011 by the SEC. Without an investigation even having concluded, the SEC’s action against him led to a press release destroying his reputation and led to his being “debanked”, in essence, by Chase, by the bank that held his IRA, by credit card companies, and insurers, and hampered at every turn. Had he settled with the SEC, which eventually found him guilty in a secretive process run by a judge who is employed BY the SEC, he would never have even been able to tell his children his side of the story. Instead of giving in to a Kafkaesque “judge, jury and executioner” scenario, that Jarkesy believed violated his Seventh Amendment right to due process of law, Jarkesy fought; and this 13-year fight for due process and transparency, resulted in a major win at the Supreme Court last week. From now on, those accused by the SEC will have a right to a fair trial outside of the SEC itself, with access to due process of law.
This decision, along with the “Chevron” decision, both represent major blows against “the swamp”, otherwise known as “the administrative state”, and both are similarly significant decisions that return rights to individuals and that strip government bureaucrats of unaccountable, unconstitutional powers.
Dr Wolf is honored to have the rare chance to interview Mr Jarkesy at length. This is a must-watch, even a historic, interview, and it is one that also explains to nonspecialists the role of access to capital in protecting innovation and our own US economy.

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