In Hindsight Fans Realize They Were Too Quick To Call The Holiday Special The Worst Star Wars Project Ever

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Star Wars fans realized this week they might have been a little too quick to brand the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special as the worst thing to come from the franchise after watching the first few episodes of The Acolyte.

“You know, looking back, the Christmas special was sort of endearing in its absurdity,” longtime Star Wars fan Jake Brewer told friends. “I mean, sure we get sort of a nonsensical look into Chewbacca’s family life that made absolutely zero sense in the broader Star Wars universe and Carrie Fisher was for sure smoking something during that last scene and I don’t know if we’ll ever understand the haunting image of that weird singing lady Chewie’s dad sees in the VR-dealy but man…The Acolyte was rough.”

The Star Wars Holiday Special was released in 1978 and received baffled reviews from viewers at the time as they watched a low-budget short film about the domestic life of Chewbacca. After watching the latest Disney Star Wars offering The Acolyte, however, many fans admit they might have been too harsh to call the holiday show the worst thing to come out of the franchise.

“Pronouns in Star Wars? Gay Jedi? I dunno,” Brewer continued. “I miss the days when a bad Star Wars show was just the writers and actors getting really high and hiring Jefferson Starship to play an entire song in the middle of a weird short film about Wookies celebrating Life Day.”

As of publishing time, Star Wars fans decided to just pretend the franchise ended in the late 90s with the re-release of the original films in theaters.

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