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Impact Of The Presidential Debate: Is a New Health Crisis Looming?

Impact Of The Presidential Debate: Is a New Health Crisis Looming?

The recent presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden may be more consequential than many thought.

For some, the debate underscored what conservatives have fretted about for a long time: Biden’s cognitive struggles are becoming a serious concern. 

For others, it was a wake-up call. Will Joe make it another four years? Four months? Four weeks? If not, who will take the reins?

Left to Jill Biden, the next four years could be a sequel to “Weekend at Bernie’s,” with Dr. Jill cheering every time her husband gets through a speech or press conference without making a major boo-boo.

One thing seems clear: those currently in power in Washington are determined to stay.

What’s in Store?

John Leake, a journalist working with the McCullough Foundation, believes the debate increased the likelihood that the U.S. government might soon declare a public health emergency over the H5N1 bird flu. After all, as we learned during the COVID-19 debacle, there’s nothing like a pandemic to excite the power-hungry.

Be Prepared

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