“I’m dead serious about that!” Leo Terrell Endorses Dan Bongino for FBI Director If Trump Wins Election

Since last year, civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell has been sounding off his endorsement of former Secret Service agent and conservative political commentator Dan Bongino as the next FBI director. 

During an interview with Fox News, Terrell was outraged by a memo released by the FBI labeling the traditional Catholics as prone to “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ and white supremacist” ideologies and therefore, needs further investigation from the agency. 

A former agent, Kyle Seraphin, leaked the January 2, 2023 memo, which was issued from the FBI’s Richmond Field Office. It was since retracted by the agency after receiving backlash.

For Terrell, the ultra-left has destroyed the FBI, weaponizing it to attack the opposition. He said, “They are launching an investigation into traditional Catholic churches without criminal activity! Where’s the evidence of any crime? This is a war by the extreme left against religion. The Constitution, the First Amendment — meaningless to the left. And to launch an investigation to try to infiltrate Catholic churches without any evidence of criminal activity, Americans need to understand that the far-left has weaponized the FBI. This is not the FBI I grew up with.”

The civil rights lawyer pressed the need to reform the FBI by installing a guy like Dan Bongino.

“And I’m dead serious about that,” blasted Terrell.

Since then, Republican members and Bongino supporters have been pushing for this to become a reality. 

The former Secret Service agent has been a household name for many Americans as he frequently echoed their issues on his radio show and has been vocal about his views on Joe Biden’s presidency. He also tackles burning political issues and offers his perspective on liberal rhetoric.

Dan is also a multiple-time bestselling author and has been hosting the Dan Bongino Show podcast and radio show since leaving Fox News. He finished his MBA from Penn State University. 

With these on his badge, Bongino is more than qualified to lead the FBI. 

In fact, many social media users hope this will happen if Donald Trump secures reelection in November.

Scott Short, an X user said, “Dan Bongino as FBI director and General Flynn as the director of the CIA. There is some serious house cleaning to do.”

“Dan Bongino would b a terrific FBI Director,” another X user.

“Yes, he would make a great FBI Director. He is tough enough to clean out the bureau from corruption and bring back integrity,” Jesse Montemayor told on X.

Another X user recommended Kash Patel as attorney general, while Dan should be the FBI director. 

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