Ilhan Omar Charged With Ethics Violations

Recently, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) held a campaign rally with a former Somali prime minister, who spoke in favor of her, noting that she would “represent Somalia” and not “the interests of the American people” in Congress. His appearance has led to an ethics complaint being filed against Ilhan Omar for violating federal election laws, and fighting those charges is likely to lead her into a world of woe. More on this latest complaint filed against Ilhan Omar can be found here: “Ilhan Omar Slapped With Ethics Complaint From Conservative Watchdog Over Holding Rally With Ex-Somali PM,” by Corey Walker, Algemeiner, July 4, 2024:

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been slapped with an ethics complaint by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a conservative watchdog group, for holding an event with former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Last weekend [Jun 30], Khaire took the stage with Omar in support of her reelection campaign. AAF argued Khaire’s presence at Omar’s campaign rally constituted a violation of the US Federal Election Campaign Act and demanded the congresswoman step down from office.”

We are deeply concerned by Ilhan Omar’s illegal campaign rally with the former prime minister of Somalia. Omar already has a long history of statements indicating her disdain for America and allegiance to Somalia, but this goes beyond statements,” the AAF wrote.

“Now her campaign has taken action to involve a foreign leader in an American election. She must resign immediately and return every dollar raised for her at this disgraceful rally,” the watchdog continued.

The organization argued Omar potentially committed two infractions against the Federal Election Campaign Act.

First, AAF alleged that the congresswoman “knowingly accepted former Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire’s services at her campaign events.” They asserted this action exceeded the “limited volunteer services permitted by a foreign national and involves impermissible decision-making.”

Of course, Omar knew that Hassan Ali Khaire would be appearing at her rally — she had no doubt requested him to come from Somalia, and arranged for payment from an entity unconnected to her campaign. She welcomed his appearance, knowing how it would galvanize the Somali-Americans in her district, and would be covered in the media, lending her stature as someone of significance beyond America’s borders.

Second, the watchdog claimed that Khaire was possibly “compensated by a prohibited source.” The organization suggested that Ka Joog, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that focuses on “empowering Somali American youth,” organized and funded Khaire’s trip to America. AAF argued that Omar likely “knowingly accepted a corporate contribution associated with Mr. Khaire’s travel and lodging costs” with the goal of boosting voter turnout among Minnesota’s Somali-American community….

Someone had to pay the considerable expenses —the travel and lodging costs for Khaire while the former prime minister was in Minnesota. The AFF suspects that Omar arranged for payment of those expenses by a corporation that was seemingly unconnected to her campaign. This would be a clever way to get around the prohibition on corporate contributions to political campaigns.

Omar’s campaign counsel David Mitrani denied that the congresswoman violated any elections laws….

Congresswoman Omar’s campaign had absolutely no involvement in requesting, coordinating, or facilitating Mr Khaire’s appearance or his comments, and accordingly there was no violation of law,” he continued.

So we are being asked to believe that Hassan Ali Khaire simply showed up unannounced at her rally unbeknownst to Ilhan Omar, who had absolutely nothing to do with arranging his trip to Minnesota or his appearance at her rally. How plausible is that?

Khaire’s claim that Omar’s “interests” are with Somalia rather than with the American people raised eyebrows, with critics pointing out that she has previously criticized the American Jewish community for supposedly maintaining “allegiance” to the government of Israel….

And here she is today, being praised by the former prime minister of Somalia for exactly that: her total allegiance to Somalia, and not to Minnesota or to the “interests of the American people.”

Her comments on the “dual loyalty” of American Jews are hard to stomach. After all, no one can accuse Ilhan Omar of “dual loyalty.” Her loyalty is clear: it is to Somalia, and Somalia alone. The former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire made this clear to his audience, as he stood beside her at her campaign rally, saying “Ilhan’s interests aren’t those of Minnesota or the American people, but those of Somalia.” Omar did not correct him. And the fact that such a statement would be taken by Somali-American voters as a point in her favor leads one to question their loyalty to this country.

Bringing Hassan Ali Khaire all the way from Somalia, having a corporation pay for his travel and lodging, and allowing him to engage in a significant campaign event, likely violates several Federal election laws. But worst of all is this awful truth: as Hassan Ali Khaire said, and Omar did not contradict him, her “interests aren’t those of Minnesota or the American people, but those of Somalia.” What more do we need to know about Ilhan Omar?

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