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Honoring Dr. Pierre Kory

Honoring Dr. Pierre Kory

As Dr. Pierre Kory embarks on a significant transition, we take a moment to honor his remarkable journey and enduring impact on the FLCCC Alliance and beyond. Dr. Kory is not just stepping down as a leader; he is stepping into a new role as FLCCC co-founder and President Emeritus, all while directing his energies towards his growing practice and advocacy efforts.

A Legacy of Leadership

Under Dr. Kory’s stewardship, the FLCCC has transformed into a beacon of hope and innovation. His contributions have been pivotal in our journey over the past four years, shaping a path of progress and patient care that many thought unattainable. As Dr. Paul Marik, co-founder and chief scientific officer of FLCCC, remarked, “We could not be where we are today without him.” Dr. Kory’s vision and dedication have left an indelible mark on the FLCCC, fostering a culture of excellence and compassion.

Looking forward, Dr. Kory will concentrate on his private practice, the Leading Edge Clinic, dedicated to addressing the complex needs of patients with vaccine-related injuries. This specialized focus is a testament to his commitment to patient-centered care, providing targeted treatments that embody the latest in medical advancements.

Additionally, Dr. Kory’s role as an international spokesman and advocate remains undiminished, with plans to keep influencing the global medical community through his profound insights and passionate advocacy. FLCCC will support his international travel for lectures, media appearances, legislative testimony/advocacy and other efforts, including his opinion editorial work with Mary Beth Pfeiffer. Contributions are welcomed to bolster this Advocacy and Outreach Fund.

Mary Beth Pfeiffer FLCCC Excellence Awards 2024

A Continued Collaboration

Dr. Kory’s connection with the FLCCC remains strong. His affinity and support will continue for the organization for which he sacrificed tremendously to launch and build, especially the FLCCC observational cancer study, which promises to advance understanding and treatment options for cancer patients worldwide.

As we reflect on Dr. Kory’s tenure and look forward to his future contributions, we join Dr. Marik in expressing our immense gratitude:

“I wish Pierre well as he focuses more on his patients and am glad that he and I will still work together on vaccine injury and cancer treatment.”

Here’s to Dr. Pierre Kory — may this new chapter be as impactful and fulfilling as his time leading the FLCCC. We are excited to see all that he accomplishes for the medical community and the patients he serves.

If you would like to help support Dr. Kory in the important work he is doing, you can contribute to the following fund:

Advocacy and Outreach Fund 

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