Freedom Gardens, Speech Corridors, and Black Markets

Battered conservative syndrome is real!  We have gotten clobbered over the head so many times during the last decade that we’re almost numb to the pain.  Even worse, we’ve been conditioned to accept each new blow as if we somehow deserved it more than the last.  We do not.

We have seen how quickly Western governments will use every “emergency” to dispatch basic civil liberties.  We have watched American political operatives rig elections with mail-in-ballot fraud.  We have endured online censorship of our political speech.  We have been targets of gun-grabbing politicians seeking to disarm us.  We have suffered discrimination from banks that refuse us service.  We have remained mostly quiet as the DOJ treats J6 protesters as seditious traitors and blacklists the rest of us as likely terrorists.  We have put up with Marxist prosecutors maliciously pursuing us for our personal beliefs.  We have kept our heads down while corporate employers demand total obedience to their “woke” religion.

We also know what’s coming.  The technological infrastructure for “vaccine” passports, digital IDs, central bank digital currencies, online speech codes, race-based privileges, AI surveillance, and social credit scores is being built right now.  “Climate change” fanatics are making it harder and more expensive to grow food.  Digital prison walls are going up all around us.  “Green energy” regulators and technocratic snoops are creating a system that minimizes our freedom and maximizes their control.  The question, then, is whether we use this foresight to prepare for the future or to complain about its inevitability.

I ran across someone online warning that the “green energy” Nazis were driving up the cost of energy so quickly that we would all freeze to death during the next few winters.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps cold people will revert to collecting wood for indoor fires.  I figure that we will know when “Green New Deal” totalitarianism is “winning” when we see formerly law-abiding citizens illegally logging in protected forests and parks.  The more expensive energy becomes, the more likely that the skies above towns and cities will be filled with soot.

Necessity is a wonderful motivator.  People who are forced to choose between survival and subservience weigh their options more adroitly.  That’s why I’m ultimately optimistic about our future even though I know bad times are surely coming.  Some generations must witness the evil of totalitarianism before they finally recognize that unconstrained government power is as deadly as any disease.  After all, what caused greater social harm — the COVID virus or the government’s abusive lockdowns, economic destruction, and authoritarian mandates?

Now ask yourself how you can best prepare for the next time the police state demands total compliance.

A century ago, homeowners all over the country cultivated essential crops no matter how small their parcel of land.  During both world wars, the federal government actively encouraged citizens to grow what they could, so as to increase the available food supply for our fighting forces overseas.  Fast-forward to the present, and government agencies are actively discouraging homeowners from growing their own food.  Municipal ordinances and neighborhood covenants prevent citizens from maximizing the benefits of land ownership.  Environmental regulations turn home gardens into potential legal liabilities.  The federal government harasses Amish farmers and other experts in husbandry for ignoring bureaucratic rules written by cubicle kings who don’t even know how to farm.

Does it seem a little strange that government know-it-alls work so hard to prevent Americans from growing their own food when people around the world suffer from hunger?  Wouldn’t any government that pats itself on the back for being “progressive” and “humanitarian” find great benefit in increasing America’s production and supply of basic crops?  A cynical person might conclude that the U.S. government does not want Americans to be self-sufficient because a self-sufficient population is much harder to manipulate.  An even more cynical person might suggest that the World Economic Forum and its fascist friends can never force Americans to “eat the bugs” unless Americans are first starving.  After all, how can the WEF’s Malthusian enthusiasts reduce the planet’s human population, unless those who wish to cull us also control what we have to eat?

What’s the obvious answer to this increased fragility in the food supply?  Americans must reacquire rudimentary farming skills.  They must experiment with potatoes, corn, legumes, and other nutritious crops and understand what is required to produce even small amounts of food.  They must rediscover the benefits of gardening.  The more they learn now, the more likely they will survive future hardship.  If they choose not to prepare today, they will be left to the mercy of those who control what’s left to eat — such as bug-enthusiast and synthetic food investor Bill Gates — should they ever find themselves starving.

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