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FLCCC Alliance Announces Executive Leadership Expansion; Co-Founder Dr. Joseph Varon Appointed to the Board of Directors and Named President and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Pierre Kory to transition from operational role to co-founder and president emeritus

Washington, D.C.—The FLCCC Alliance announced today that Dr. Joseph Varon, one of the original co-founders of the organization, has been named president and chief medical officer; he has also been appointed to the board of directors. A globally recognized front line physician and highly published scientist, Dr. Varon is fluent in seven languages and is also the founder of multiple businesses, possessing outstanding organizational leadership skills that the FLCCC requires to execute the strategic plan formulated last fall to significantly expand its breadth of focus, reach, and global impact.

Three other founding FLCCC physicians/scientists have also stepped into expanded leadership roles pursuant to the strategic plan. Dr. Umberto Meduri, the world’s leading expert in corticosteroid treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and severe pneumonia, has been appointed senior fellow medical and research integrity; Dr. Fred Wagshul, a leading Ohio-based pulmonologist who developed revolutionary treatments for asthma, has been appointed senior fellow pulmonary medicine; Dr. Jose Iglesias, a specialist in hypertension, critical care, and septic shock medicine, has been appointed senior fellow nephrology.

Dr. Pierre Kory is finalizing the transition of his responsibilities to Dr. Varon over the next 45 days. With the full encouragement and support of the FLCCC Alliance, Dr. Kory is shifting his primary focus to his rapidly growing private practice, Leading Edge Clinic, which is focused on the care of a growing number of patients suffering from vaccine-related injuries. In addition, he plans to devote more time to writing for his Substack blog at while also continuing his efforts as a powerful spokesman through his international advocacy work.

“I have immense gratitude for Pierre’s dedication to the FLCCC. We could not be where we are today without him,” said Dr. Paul Marik, co-founder and chief scientific officer. “I wish Pierre well as he focuses more on his patients and am glad that he and I will still work together on vaccine injury and cancer treatment.”

“The FLCCC became something far beyond what we could have imagined just four years ago, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we accomplished,” said Dr. Kory. “I am excited to focus more on my practice and look forward to a continued collaboration on the FLCCC observational cancer study.”

The FLCCC’s strategic growth plan process began over six months ago, initiated by the formation of an executive committee comprised of three of the FLCCC’s five independent directors — who possess significant entrepreneurial and public company organizational leadership experience. This committee will continue to work in collaboration with the FLCCC’s management team and staff, including Dr. Varon, to execute its new strategic plan. The organization recently initiated the public unveiling phase of the plan at the FLCCC’s annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in February 2024 with its new “Honest Medicine” mission that seeks to restore trust, integrity, and the doctor-patient relationship to the medical system.

“Ours is the very rare exception — where an early-stage and high-growth organization can effectively make the successful transition from the ‘start-up’ to the ‘leadership-expansion and growth’ phase without having to look outside of the organization to harness the talent that is required to do so,” said Dr. Varon. “Our board and management team could not be more excited about our strategic plan and the seamless execution of its first phase.”

“We’ve appointed Dr. Varon to this core executive leadership role while simultaneously deepening the bench under him, with original founding FLCCC physicians in whom we have supreme confidence, to elevate our growth and execute our important mission to restore trust and integrity in medicine and protect the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship,” said Kelly Bumann, executive director of the FLCCC Alliance. “And with the continued generosity of our supporters, the best is yet to come as we accelerate the FLCCC’s core mission to deliver ‘Honest Medicine’ globally.”

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About the FLCCC Alliance

The FLCCC Alliance was organized in March 2020 by a group of highly published, world renowned critical care physicians and scholars with the academic support of allied physicians worldwide. Known for its lifesaving protocols for preventing and treating COVID-19 in all stages of illness including “long COVID” and post-vaccination syndrome, the FLCCC has since broadened its scope with the development of various treatment guides for several conditions and illnesses, including sepsis, metabolic disease, cancer, and depression. The organization’s larger mission is one driven by Honest MedicineTM and puts patients above profits and emphasizes long-term wellness via the prevention of disease and the empowerment of physicians and their patients.  For more information visit


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