FDNY Commissioner Hunting Down Firemen Who Booed Letitia James

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Laura Kavanagh, the Fire Commissioner of New York City, says that she’s hunting down the firemen who booed anti-Trump AG and persecution ring leader Letitia James when she spoke on stage at a recent FDNY promotion ceremony. James was doused in boos and “Trump” chants when she took the stage, and video footage of the moment has gone viral online, humiliating James and her left-wing allies within New York City’s local government.

FDNY leadership says that they’re preparing to use the department’s Bureau of Investigation to “hunt down” the firemen who booed and heckled far-left New York Attorney General Letitia James when she took the stage at the FDNY promotion ceremony, much to the chagrin of the firemen themselves, who obviously didn’t want here there.

According to Laura Kavanagh, the Fire Commissioner of New York City who has never actually worked as a firefighter, James was invited to the ceremony to speak in support of her friend, Reverend Pamela Holmes, who was sworn in as the department’s fire black female chaplain.

As mentioned, video footage of the booing and heckling of Letitia James has gone viral online, being viewed millions of times and being amplified by major social media accounts and publications, as well as everyday citizens who rejoiced in seeing James and the FDNY’s hyper-politicized leadership be humiliated.

According to a letter floating around the FDNY, department bosses are making the rounds to various firehouses, to interrogate firemen on the booing and heckling of Letitia James, and they’re bringing with them a long list of talking points. Among other things, they say that they’ll give those who booed James a chance to come forward, before using video footage and photographs to “hunt” them down for their crimes of free thought and free speech.

They also say that they’ll force the firefighters to submit to re-education.

“They will come to HQ to be educated why their behavior is unacceptable,” the FDNY letter, which is riddled with grammatical errors, reveals.

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