FBI Asked Co-Workers of Bureau Employee About Trump Support, Vaccine Beliefs

Last week, on June 8th, the whistleblower advocacy firm Empower Oversight sent a letter to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, along with a packet of documents. The company represents an FBI employee whose security clearance was revoked after he attended the January 6th protests. No one disputes the Bureau’s right to investigate, but the Bureau’s Security Division did more than that, sending a bizarre questionnaire to the employee’s co-workers.

The FBI sent at least three co-workers a list of queries that began with the instruction, “You have a duty to reply to the questions… Should you refuse to answer or fail to reply fully and truthfully, action against your security clearance may be undertaken…”

Co-workers were then asked if they heard the employee:

“Vocalize support for President Trump?”

“Vocalize objection to Covid-19 vaccination?”

The screenshot of the document:

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