Father of Fallen Marine Interrupts Joe Biden’s State of the Union And Gets Tossed Out And Arrested

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

Steve Nikoui, the father of fallen Marine Kareem Nikoui, interrupted Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday night. The man’s son, Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, was among 13 U.S. military servicemen who died during Joe Biden’s disastrous “Abbey Gate” pullout from Afghanistan. A terrorist attack felled the American troops at a Kabul airport named for Hamid Karzai, the Bush administration’s puppet leader of Afghanistan after the U.S. invasion. The Capitol Police confirmed that they arrested Nikoui.

Steve Nikoui attended the event as the guest of Florida Republican congressman Brian Mast, an Afghanistan veteran. Nikoui made sure to refer to the 13 dead troops that Biden doesn’t seem too troubled about.

According to Axios, Nikoui was actually charged with a misdemeanor count of “”crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” which is likely going to upset a whole lot of patriots and military families.

“For the last three SOTU speeches, Joe Biden REFUSED to say the names of the 13 U.S. servicemembers who were killed by his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. I couldn’t support this effort more,” Brian Mast stated after Nikoui got escorted out.

“The Sergeant at Arms is holding my State of the Union guest for yelling at @POTUS in protest because his son was killed in action at the Abbey Gate due to Biden’s incompetence. So much for the right to petition our government for the redress of grievances,” Mast tweeted.

Social media comments on the Right have been overwhelmingly sympathetic to Nikoui, especially considering the aggressiveness with which he got escorted out.

Previously, prior to the protest, Mast tweeted: “I am honored to have Steve Nikoui as my guest to #SOTU. He is the father of LCpl. Kareem Nikoui, who was KIA due to Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. @JoeBiden may try to turn the page on Afghanistan after his incompetence cost American lives, but NOT ON MY WATCH.”

Steve Nikoui previously appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News:

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