Crazy Thinking (Maybe)


After months of telling the global public that the current bird flu outbreak, which has infected animals across the planet and has been discovered in 20% of grocery store milk, was no threat to humans – scientists, medical professionals and health organizations are now singing a very different – and terrifying – tune.

According to an article in The Guardian over the weekend, the threat level to humans appears to be much higher than we were led to believe. According to virologist Professor Paul Digard, who has been studying the current outbreak:

“Flu is constantly evolving, and it is clear that a couple of years ago, the current strain of bird flu changed to become supercharged,” says Digard. “Now that it seems to be fairly widespread in the cow population in the US, that’s a much more direct route where it could transmit to people and gain the adaptations it needs to go pandemic.”

Preparing to Push Another mRNA Vaccine

Not surprisingly, the news that this strand of bird flu may pose a much greater threat to humans is coupled with a push to green light yet another dangerous untested mRNA vaccine – just in time to save big pharma’s bottom line:

messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, which proved so invaluable in generating Covid-19 vaccines, could once again be a vital tool, with the platform known to be faster and more efficient than older egg-based technologies. Current clinical trials by both Moderna and GSK and CureVac working in collaboration are testing H5N1 vaccines in people. 

Even more terrifying than with the dangerous COVID vaccines, there is talk of forcing the mass vaccination of chickens, ducks and cows:

Given that H5N1 is still largely confined to the animal population, one idea for reducing transmission and limiting the potential for jumping to humans may be vaccinating poultry and farm animals on a mass scale.

You Don’t Need a Vaccine, You Need to Stockpile Meds

The Chief Medical Board of The Wellness Company has been closely watching the avian flu (H5N1) outbreak here in the United States over the last few week – recently adding Tamiflu to the company’s Contagion Kit. While it is far from certain that this most recent strand of bird flu will result in a pandemic, Dr. McCullough said:

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are adding Tamiflu to the Contagion Kit. Tamiflu is a safe medication approved treat Influenza type A, viruses like avian flu. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and make further recommendations as warranted.”

Tamiflu Oseltamivir (generic Tamiflu™) is an antiviral medication that disrupts replication of the Influenza A and B virus, including the avian ‘bird flu’ H5N1 variant, within the body to reduce the severity of flu symptoms.

Be Prepared

Now is not the time to panic, nor is this the time to be complacent – now is the time to be prepared. 

Get the prescription drugs you need to keep your family safe from bird flu, COVID, or whatever the globalists throw at us next!

Never be without these critical drugs, get The Wellness Company’s Contagion Kit TODAY!

2024 is the Year to be Prepared

We know what the globalists did in 2020, and we know they will do whatever they can to maintain power, which makes 2024 a potentially very dangerous year for Americans.

Unlike 2020, you don’t have to be caught unprepared and that’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

The Wellness Company and their new prescription Contagion Kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy.

The ultimate safeguard for your health.

Be ready for the next crisis. This Contagion Kit contains an assortment of life-saving medications – including ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine. The Contagion Kit also includes a guidebook to aid in the safe use of these life-saving medications.

This kit is prescription-only – you can’t find it in any store or pharmacy. Simply fill out a short questionnaire after purchase and a trusted Wellness Company doctor will confirm your suitability and issue your prescription, Contagion Kit.

The Wellness Company Contagion Kit contains:

  • Azithromycin (generic Z-Pak) 250 mg – 12 tablets
  • Budesonide 0.5 mg/2 mL – 5 vials (plus nebulizer included)
  • Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg -20 tablets
  • Ivermectin 12mg – 25 tablets
  • Oseltamivir 75 mg (generic Tamiflu™) – 10 tablets
  • 1 Contagion Kit Guidebook written by the Chief Medical Board for safe use.

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