Expansionist NATO Making ‘Nonsense’ Claims to ‘Trick’ Citizens into War, Putin Says

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

During an address to military pilots, Russian President Vladimir Putin called claims that Russia is preparing to attack NATO “complete nonsense,” saying that NATO military and government leaders are making such claims to “trick” their citizens into sending more money to Ukraine and backing further escalation of the war there.

In recent weeks, NATO rhetoric describing an expansionist Russia that’s looking to establish a pan-European empire has heated back up, to the point that French President and EU hardliner Emmanuel Macron has floated the idea of deploying thousands of troops to Ukraine to fight the Russians, in what would be a catastrophic escalation by NATO, as far as peace is concerned.

“This is complete nonsense,” Putin said. “The possibility of attacking some other countries, Poland, the Baltic states…the Czechs, [is] just nonsense.”

When NATO governments and media outlets make such claims, Putin explained, it’s just “another way to trick your population” into funding “additional costs” of the war in Ukraine.

NATO governments, Putin said, are making their people “bear this burden on their shoulders.”

Amid the war in Ukraine, which comes after an Obama/Soros-backed color revolution in 2014 that overthrew the nation’s democratically-elected government, NATO has rapidly moved to gobble up more territory and pit the entirety of Europe and North America against the Russians.

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Including its desire to add Ukraine to the alliance’s membership rolls, NATO has become demonstrably expansionist and is stretching its membership to butt up against Russian borders.

NATO’s membership recently swelled to 32 nations, after Sweden and Finland, the latter of which borders Russia, were added to the alliance that’s propped up by American blood and treasure.

“We didn’t touch anyone,” Putin said, calling out NATO’s expansionism.

“Did we cross the borders of the United States across the ocean? No, they came up to us and came close. What are we doing? We only protect our people in our historical territories,” Putin said.

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