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“ESE is One of the Only Tools That Can Rebuild and Restore the Damage That’s Been Done to Our Children”

Dear Dr. Naomi Wolf,

I’ve been following you since your first appearance of Warroom with Steve Bannon. Thank you for your tireless research.

I’d like to visit with you or a representative regarding the antidote to the neuropsychological warfare being waged against our nation’s children. It’s a multi-front assault comprised of COVID’s spike proteins on our hippocampus and social engineering… but they both stem back to 7 essential elements required for emotional safety.

I know I have the antidote because representatives of the WEF party of Davos approached me for a private presentation in 2004. I did not know who they were at the time, but they found out about my research and success with healing the neural pathway connections of children. I believe it was my research that laid the foundations to SEL, Social Emotional Learning, only they weaponized the neural formations against us.

Then I had to survive WEF. I thought I was crazy as setup after setup, trap after trap came my way, but I survived and overcame them all.

I have Grants for our nation’s schools for Emotional Safety and Campus Culture Development. I’m confident that neural-ed for mental, emotional, campus culture, and life development is the missing key to increased academic and social problem-solving skills. I have data from 30 years of pilot programs to back my claims.

ESE (Emotional Safety Education) so drastically reduces bullying, suicide, addiction, and identity issues while building happy, healthy lives, schools, and homes, that we’re providing up to $50,000 in training and resource grants per school to implement it. Even more impactful is the parent component that puts them in the driver’s seat. Not only does it bridge the gap between school and home, each family implements the tools according to their unique values and belief systems, reinforcing cohesion between schools and home, reinstating the commonality required for emotionally safe community culture, and equipping a generation of parents that may not have these basic life-coping and parenting skills.

In 2018 our curriculum was taken to the White House with Idaho’s Governor Otter but was dropped in the governorship election changeover. We’ve been endorsed by WA State Senator Kirk Pearson (later, President Trump’s appointee as the USDA director for the NW), and approved for Hawaii’s elementary schools by Lindsy Ball who at the time was Hawaii’s State Superintendent of Public Education… only to be overridden by higher government authorities with the newly released SEL programs; the antithesis of ESE (Emotional Safety Ed).

For your convenience, I included a link to a radio interview. I’m more than happy to provide our data sets showing up to 1000% improvements in key performance indicators in a matter of weeks after initiating the programs.

There is tremendous hope for our nation!

ESE is one of the only tools that can rebuild and restore the damage that’s been done to our children and protect them from future deception of their malleable neural development.

I have the tools that answer the issues discussed in The Indoctrinated Brain. We can heal the children and lead the nation with authentic and transformational educational reform that addresses the root neuropsychological foundations and premises of learning, cause-and-effect reasoning, and the highest levels of self-actualization. We have programs that kids love for home, school, and church. Variations for leaders and business for full community transformation.

These could also serve as a source for funding the incredible work you do.


Deanna Rhinehart

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